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A Continuum of Manifestation?

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  • Dick.
    A Continuum of Manifestation? [ People speak of mind and matter as though they were two separate entities, the same as some people do with spirit and form and
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2012
      A Continuum of Manifestation?

      [ People speak of mind and matter as though they were two separate
      entities, the same as some people do with spirit and form and life and
      death. But you speak of a vortex of emanation as though it were all one
      thing in a progression, in a continuum. Have I got it right? ]

      Yes. A continues unbroken progression of emanation; a continuum. If you
      want to think of it in terms of spirit, soul, and body; or essence,
      psyche, and form; or spirit, psyche and matter, or whatever names you
      want to give to these three continuous modes or dimensions of emanation
      from the Point of No Duration through to the all that is manifest. Thus,
      all one connected thing through these various modes. I do not find
      Eternity and Time to be two separate unconnected things but two modes of
      the same thing. Just as your childhood and adulthood and old age are
      three modes of the same entity – you.

      And by virtue of this you can have mystical (spiritual) experience;
      psychic experience; and `normal' daily experience. You can have Eternal
      experience, the Bridge experience, and Temporal experience. This could
      not happen if they were not a continuum of the parts. They are all
      connected within one thing; one vortex of emanation. But within this
      vortex I do see what one can call valves, or doors, or curtains which
      `separate' one part from another part. Just like the floors in a
      building separate the room above from the room below. But these valves
      can open and consciousness can pass through them. All one journey
      through one thing. But nothing else can pass through these valves; only
      that which is consciousness. The Material forms of Time cannot go into
      Eternity. So, no, I do not see mind and matter as two separate and
      isolated things in this temporal mode of being. But due to it being a
      Double Vortex of Emanation consciousness experiences the distinction of
      mind and matter as the I and the THOU. An established Symmetry of
      Emanation. But there is no I and Thou in the Eternal Ground of Being;
      but ONLY the I AM. There is of course the duality of I AM and the place
      which it exists in, and which is seen as the the first manifestation
      from the Point of NO Duration. Thus I AM the first brought forth from
      NO structured thing. That is how I experienced it to be and understood
      it to be. Just as Homo Ensophicus is not something different from Homo
      Sapiens but simply a continuum from it evolving from one state to the
      next state of emanation in the temporal mode. Homo Ensophicus has all
      that which Homo Sapiens has, but more. And it is the more which makes
      the difference. Do you want to go on further?

      As to what academics, theologians, and physicists, THINK and deduce from
      their thinking, or what they believe, then I am not interested. Thinking
      does not reach these other modes of being. Only consciousness does. And
      I do. Before you study what you are not study what you are. And then
      study what you are not once you know what you are. For you know what is
      observing it that way. If you do not know what you are you will be like
      a ship lost on a chaotic sea looking for its rudder to steer it by. That
      may be OK for a while, and while the sea is calm. But the sea can get

      Dick Richardson

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