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The Effect of Writing it

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  • Dick.
    The Effect of Writing it [ I am in complete agreement with these conclusions (of Dick) through my study etc. in which the terminologies only are difference:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2012
      The Effect of Writing it

      [ I am in complete agreement with these conclusions (of Dick) through my
      study etc. in which the terminologies only are difference: What M.
      Muslim and I call "objectless space" the "plane", in Dick Richardson's
      terminology it is the "Eternal Ground of Being". What we call
      fractionalization and transfocation from timeless, infinite "objectless
      space" (which is not "nothing"), Dick Richardson calls "vortex of
      emanation" and "valves".

      As I have been banging my head against the wall to explain to
      scientists, philosophers, 'religious people' etc. over the last ten
      years, (and am now at the point of not continuing to do so but just
      finalize a few more writings/books and post them on the internet - and
      then take a 'vacation') this is the solution to the mind/body problem
      and answers what consciousness is and where it comes from (and in my
      writings where it will go too). Dick has had 'access' from an
      experiential point of view and then also assessed using reason part of
      this Reality - I mean he has had an experiential behind-the-scenes
      'view'. There are a few others who have had the same experience too -
      one of them being M. Muslim, my co-author who is at large in Africa,
      where aside from the logical conclusions this was experienced through a
      mode where rationality is intact but it is not imaginary or hallucigenic
      etc. - i.e. the person is not crazy but totally sane and awake. (In a
      sense most of humankind is asleep because they don't understand this
      point). It also co-incides as I have said before with the kernel of the
      beliefs that some major prophets and sages have talked about, especially
      from the period between 500 BC and 600 A.D. (or C.E.) as the latest
      wave; there were at least two more periods before this - the first being
      the paleolithic era (that Dick mentions) and there was another one
      shortly after the ice-age period (I have written a 21 page article on
      this in Huping's journal). However, it appears that the point is being
      missed by even the current experts on the current fossilized religions
      that mutated from the pristine view of these (human) luminaries.

      If you want to go west where a destination lies then you must travel
      west. You cannot arrive at your western destination if you are
      travelling north no matter how hard you try. This is the whole current
      problem with both athiests and even anti-atheists; part of the reason of
      them being at loggerheads with each other is that they are both
      erroneous about this fundamental issue! So first you must check your
      compass and see if you are really going west. Then change your course if
      you realize that you are travelling in the wrong direction - it should
      have nothing to do with false pride. Indeed, there will be many signs
      along the way that you are going in the wrong direction. But it also has
      to do with one's will and desire. Do you really want to reach the
      destination? I mean what if the destination means having to change your
      behaviour which is harmful in so many ways? Is that why you are
      travelling north? Others - who know - can only guide you but you must
      travel on your own and there can be no compulsion.

      Once most of humankind realizes this point things will change all things
      because this is the basis of everything and our relational view of the
      self recursively with the self, the self with other 'selves' and the
      self with inanimate objects and processes/changes. But things will not
      change until there's a critical mass of human beings realizing this
      point. Once a critical mass is achieved then things will accelerate. But
      I don't see this full 'life-cycle' happening in the short run. It will
      happen but much later on. So for now I will stop banging my head and
      prepare for that 'vacation'. Regards, Nadeem ]

      I mentioned about the frustration of yelling into a vacuum. However, the
      real effect of documenting these things is when folks have come to begin
      experiencing them for themselves. So in talking about it and writing it,
      one is NOT teaching one is affirming it. The affirmation IS very helpful
      to people because initially they feel so alone and confused. This is why
      I try to get more mystics to write. And by that I don't mean shmystics.
      The more writing that is done then the less power the mind benders and
      sharks will have over people. So, as I said before, for the large part
      one is not writing for today but for tomorrow and even generations yet
      to come. If one gets dealt this stuff then one should use it, and use it
      effectively and tell it AS IT IS. This will also help segregate the
      mystical and Essential (metaphysical) from the psychic phenomena and

      There must have been thousands of ancient belief systems, and no doubt
      there still are. But most of them were based on psychic phenomena; and
      which is very common. Thousands of people have written to me who's
      understanding and beliefs were based on psychic stuff, not metaphysical
      stuff. All the psychic stuff is fine, but it does not go deep enough
      into the vortex of emanation. NO psychic stuff revels what we are, where
      we come from, and where we are going. THAT is the preserve of the
      Mystical and Transcendent stuff. NB, your `critical mass of folk' is
      what I call the social tipping point. That generates a new paradigm when
      it happens, or a new zeitgeist.


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