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The Gates of Eternity?

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  • Dick.
    The Gates of Eternity? [ You mention that going into this state of eternal consciousness was not the same as coming out of it. If we call the going in and the
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      The Gates of Eternity?

      [ You mention that going into this state of eternal consciousness was
      not the same as coming out of it. If we call the going in and the coming
      out the Gates of Eternal Consciousness then what happens in and through
      those gates? ]

      Well now, there is question to be sure. I shudder when just thinking
      about it. All I can tell you is what I know through the experience of
      it; but no more than that. Thus I only have a `surface' view of
      it, so to speak. Going into it is not done from daily consciousness,
      there is a process involved. But coming out of it is instantaneous
      action at a distance straight back into daily consciousness. That is one
      difference. So, one can loosely say that there is a journey to it but
      no known or experienced journey out of it. Fascinating isn't it.
      Question is as to what is going on BELOW the surface of conscious

      What I know is this. On the way IN stuff is extracted from our system
      during a time period (Purgation) but on the way OUT it is all restored
      instantaneously but with more added which was not there before.

      I have described the journey to it in detail (crossing the Styx, or
      passing through the crack in the universes). But I cannot describe the
      coming out for there is nothing experienced to describe. All I know
      about the coming out was what I learned while IN that eternal state of
      consciousness – the inner understanding that IT IS NOW TIME TO GO.
      Like a prior warning of something. But while IN there one knows not what
      GO means.

      Now, to go INTO that state of eternal consciousness one has to travel
      down the inside of our Double Vortex of Emanation (the sub conscious
      region below the waves of spacetime consciousness) and gradually during
      that process stuff is taken from us. But the final state of that journey
      and purgation is Annihilation. Annihilation is the domain where the rest
      of the stuff is taken from us, the last process of purgation. So it is
      from annihilation that one is resurrected from unconsciousness into the
      GOB. One experiences going into Annihilation but is unconscious after
      that. I have often wondered what actually happens while we are
      unconscious in annihilation. But all I know from experience is that all
      the stuff that cannot exist in Eternal Consciousness is extracted. So
      that is the door or gate IN to it or into the GOB. What happens on the
      way OUT is a total mystery to me. But only that which is from eternity
      can return there.

      The only way to know by experience what happens during annihilation
      would be to remain consciousness while that is happening. I would not
      fancy that. But going into was bloody weird. But yes, the term The Gates
      of Eternity is justified. It is mystery piled upon mystery. But the
      existence within Eternity, or eternal consciousness, is the jaw dropper
      of all time. It is far more `weird' than its resolution here on
      earth in the Consummatum Incarnate where all three of our parts join up
      and blend with the physical world. That is why I call it the
      Consummatum Incarnate, for it is a JOB DONE, a resolution, a Synthesis
      of a metaphysical dialectical process. So, get your head around that
      lot. BUT, in order to KNOW your SELF and the world you have to leave it
      all behind and journey forth across the bridge from Time into Eternity.
      It is not done for fun and it is not done for nothing, and it is not
      done for no effect. Nothing is for nothing. Everything is for something.
      I call the process and the effects Psychognosis. What would you call it?

      Dick Richardson

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