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Re: Running from my TV

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  • Mary
    Bill, Today I watched Felix Baumgartner free fall and parachute from the edge of space. That s about as good as it gets until Tuesday s presidential debate.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 14, 2012

      Today I watched Felix Baumgartner free fall and parachute from the edge of space. That's about as good as it gets until Tuesday's presidential debate.

      I've never seen an alien, only a spacecraft. Whether they are extraterrestrial is questionable.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:
      > The four year season of the witch ie full upon us. I am returning to the movies. Anything to escape the barrage of lies that infects the air ways. I was worried when existlist was shut down as it is an escape .
      > Certainly I have spoken about politics but the debates really pushed it to wild levels. As I watch the talk shows it is just bickering.
      > In LA I see the American trojan horse being dragged through the city. Our trophy from the cold war and the space race is on parade to the songs of chain saws and rock bands. A strange movie,Apollo 18 is out there. The early talking declarations were so small I could not discern if the movie is meant to be fact or fiction. If fact it is a great stretch to say a covert moon mission intercepted a soviet mission and the earth men were attacked by aliens. It was done in black and white and had a documentary foremat. If anyone has seen it I would be interested in your take on it.
      > After the strange parade in LA this odd movie takes the space race to a surrealistic conclusion. Why did we do those hard things? Will we continue to fling humans into the unknown? Which is more onerous watching the media ,political circus or watching the hollywood semi historical fantasies? At least we know our totum has been pulled through LA . If it is infected with aliens then it will all be tied togeather and truth will return to the media. Bill
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