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Belief Essential?

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  • Dick.
    Belief Essential? [ You claim that belief is not essential, that it is not a basic characteristic of our nature, and yet all human activity involves belief,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2012
      Belief Essential?

      [ You claim that belief is not essential, that it is not a basic
      characteristic of our nature, and yet all human activity involves
      belief, even hope requires it. Religions believe that there is something
      more, a place, a state of being, which is better than this world where
      we have to eat, and struggle to survive. Even science investigates
      things in the hope and belief that doing so will be effective. All the
      evidence seems to suggest that belief is effective and an essential part
      of our being. ]

      Let us take a simple and very common case. Tell a young person that one
      day they could find another human being and find themselves in love with
      that person. Do they believe it prior to it happening or do they believe
      it because it happened? If and when it happens do they then believe it
      can happen because it DID happen? Don't they KNOW that it has
      happened? If you tell them before it has happened do they know that it
      will happen? So, what happens when you tell them? What effect does
      telling them have? Do they then one day find it because they believed
      what they had heard? Or did they find it because it happened? Did I fall
      in love (twice) because I believed that it would happen? NO. Suppose I
      had believed that it would not happen? It still happened. But the fact
      IS that I neither believed that it would happen nor did I believe that
      it would not happen. So belief did not figure in it did it.

      Now, suppose they had been told something which was not true, something
      which did not happen ? Would it ever happen? Would it happen if they
      believed that it would happen? What if they had been told that they had
      to believe in belief and that they had to believe strongly enough?

      Did I find that transcended mode of being (plus all the other things)
      because I believed that I would? NO. Moreover, who would I have
      believed it from – for nobody had spoken of these things. Sir, you
      are being silly.

      Also, you talk of `Essential'. To me the term essential defines
      those things found in our original state of being. I have told you what
      was there and believing anything was not one of them. Thus belief is NOT
      an essential part of my being. Do you have your origin some place else?
      Are you different in your basic essential nature of being? If so then
      how know do you know? When did you learn that and come to know it? What
      was that like? When did that happen? Tell me about it. Tell me what
      you know?

      Yes, I know well enough that religionists and even the `gnostics'
      and other such fringe groups BELEIVE things. That is obvious isn't
      it; and they say it every day. I do not doubt them, it is obvious that
      they BE-LIEF. I don't. As for science then that is a JOB. The job of
      studying things. That can be done by anybody, religionists, atheist or
      what knows else. Doing science, like doing making shoes, is a job.

      As for IF there is something more to life than living on this world then
      I found that is true. I know it. But that does not make this world and
      life here not true. They are just two different aspects of Being and
      conscious experience. But if you enjoy believing things and it makes you
      feel good then DO IT. Who cares? I don't. And what if you are
      believing something which IS NOT SO? How do you know if you are or not?
      If you ARE believing something which IS NOT SO then your life has been
      wasted. Please yourself, it isn't my life. But you did have the
      chance to study yourself didn't you. Belief is a con trick. As for
      HOPE then that arises out of knowing that you do not know something. It
      has nothing to do with belief. Hope can arise all the time that time
      exists for you, but it is not an essential part of your being. Hope is
      not an essence. There is no hope in eternity. FACT ! Talk about what
      you know, not what you don't know. Fools talk about what they
      don't know. Search for what you don't know. And search without
      assumptions of what IS SO. Oh, by the way the `gnostics' gnosis
      is nothing more than them knowing that they having dumped their religion
      :- ))) I am not one of them.

      Dick Richardson

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