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The sayings of wise men?

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  • Dick.
    The sayings of wise men? [ Two sayings by a wise man come to mind: Death - after this life - is the first stage of your journey into eternity. Be as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2012
      The sayings of wise men?

      [ Two sayings by a wise man come to mind: "Death - after this life - is
      the first stage of your journey into eternity." "Be as a traveller, a
      passer by (in this world) and reckon yourself as if you were of the
      dead." When one realizes that this life is only a stage in both senses
      of the word, one has realized the most profound thing. The word 'death'
      then means only a relative stillness of an aspect of you that you were
      utilizing in the 'heavy particled' domain.Just as when the earth moves
      around the sun we say the sun set, or moved, we know with our knowledge
      now that this is not true, but it is that the earth revolves around the
      sun and that the sun is still there. So too when we die, we do not
      become non-existent - it has to do with the mechanics of motion of a
      more subtle kind - of knowing what is still and what really moves. If
      you want to know about death go into the fields on a sunny day and look
      at the chrysalis and the butterfly - they will tell you more about life,
      death and transformation than sadly many mosques, churches, temples and
      synagogues. There is abundant proof in nature. But seeing is very
      different than to just see. Regards, Nadeem ]

      We live in an age where most of us, myself included, demand proof of
      something before saying IT IS SO. So many times I have asked the hard
      core faith type people why they believe what they believe, but I never
      ever get an answer. So I quit talking to them or listening to them.
      Also, I have always been curious as to why the `wise men' do not tell us
      of this journey about leaving the body and then later being switched off
      and then being switched on again on the other side of that `gate' which
      leads to eternity? And why don't they talk of going and then coming back
      into the same lifetime? And why they don't talk about that Eternity and
      what it is like being there? If you could find me one book or one
      living person who explains all that I will like to know. Also I would
      like to find a person who talks about something far more important than
      all that, and that is as how the essence of our being blends with the
      forms in that consummatum incarnate. Wherein then do I find an honest
      man? Wherein then do I find the Dignity of Man as I have found the
      Dignity of LIFE?

      Whence comes the time that I meet annihilation again (being switched
      off) I do not KNOW in advance if I will be switched on again. But
      having seen what I have seen and having lived through what I have lived
      through, then I don't care if I am switched on again or not. It would be
      nice to frolic again in the fields of gold with a lover and to know what
      that is like. But I have done it so I know what it is like. So, I am
      appreciative of that. And that will do me. To know it a zillion times
      would be no different to having known it once. So I was lucky. But as to
      what else exists to be lived and for consciousness to become conscious
      of then I don't know. And guessing games do not interest me. In the
      meantime I live with what I KNOW and have tried to make use of it as
      best I am able to. When I ask somebody something and they tell me that
      they don't know then that gives me some indication that there IS the
      Dignity of Man on earth. Wise men don't interest me, honest ones do; and
      the wisdom of honesty and integrity. When I look at this world of
      humanity I am appalled and disgusted at being a human being. I will be
      glad to lose all memory of them. Except for a few. But be all that AS IT
      IS I know that life is fulfilled on earth in form. From Eternity for
      this purpose. And I was a part of it once. THAT is what matters. They
      cannot take that away from me can they.

      I wish you well.

      Dick Richardson.

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