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What could replace capitalism?

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  • Dick.
    What could replace capitalism? [ I have watched a very interesting program about Karl Marx theory that capitalism cannot ultimately work, but that he had
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2012
      What could replace capitalism?

      [ I have watched a very interesting program about Karl Marx theory that
      capitalism cannot ultimately work, but that he had nothing to replace it
      with. Given your interest in politics what do you make of this? ]

      I read Dr Marx when I was a kid. But I did not read him because of
      politics, I read him because he was a mystic. You want to read his
      private letters.

      However, if you are getting into anti capitalism then you are only three
      thousand years behind the times. The argument is that if you claim that
      you own the river from which I get drinking water from then I have to
      pay you money to drink from that river. But I have to get that money
      from you. Eventually you will have to lend me the money to pay you when
      there is no more work for me to do to earn the money to drink from your
      river. My debt will go up and up and up as your profit goes up and up
      and up; and then there will be a revolution and war; and you will die;
      because there is more of me than there are of you. A child can work
      this out. However, who said that you own the river? I WILL drink from
      this river and I will not pay you for the privilege of so doing. It is
      everybody's river son.

      As for me then I am pleased with what I have seen for the last fifty
      years of people getting poorer and poorer and the rich getting richer
      and richer, for the sooner that happens world wide then the sooner it
      will go bang. Private ownership cannot work. It can work for a while,
      but not long. Just like religions it contains the seed of its own
      demise. Capitalism does not put food in the market place people do. Marx
      wrote about all this in a pub in North London because Germany would not
      have him. Revolutions in Russia and China should never have come, they
      should have started in London the heart of the Capitalist system. The
      system is corrupt and diabolical and it will go. But London was smart,
      they gave the workers a bit more money and which kept them quiet for a
      while. But you are dead right, Marx had no system for replacing
      capitalism. He never ever mentioned getting rid of money. I do not eat
      and drink money I eat food and drink water. The world supplies it and
      people do the work of producing food, NOT bankers and land owners. I am
      the power. I am the people. And we will win. When they wake up and get
      real. But you cannot rush this, it has to happen as it naturally will.
      Just like they want to rush mystic experience. That will not work :-
      ))))) Poverty combined with over population WILL bring big changes;
      inevitably, if the planet lasts long enough. You need to get off the
      planet lad. There is a lot of real estate out there. Homo Sapiens is not
      very smart is it. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT. They are greedy and very
      stupid as well as being cowards. Hey, I had better watch out or I will
      be banned from London and the World :- )))) You would enjoy my novel by
      the way. All this is what it is about. If Man is going to get smart it
      first has to survive long enough to do that.

      Know Your SELF.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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