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On keeping it secret Ram?

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  • somerset_2
    On keeping it secret Ram? Ram, have I kept all this stuff secret? Did you read the book? You can read I take it? However, if I had written this (or told it in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2012
      On keeping it secret Ram?

      Ram, have I kept all this stuff secret? Did you read the book? You can
      read I take it?

      However, if I had written this (or told it in public) five hundred years
      ago in England then I would have been murdered. Many were. What of a
      couple of thousand years ago? If I had told it ten thousand years ago
      they would have listened with interest. So if I had been around five
      hundred years ago and had a wife and children and responsibilities would
      I have told it in the market place then? I don't know, but probably
      not. But there would have been small groups of people where it would
      have been safe to tell it. You are not really dumb are you Ram?

      But tell it in this day and age and the chances are they you will not be
      murdered, you will just be laughed at and ridiculed. I don't care
      about that. Laugh away lad. But there are many who do not laugh.
      INCLUDING some scientists. I could never be a scientist Ram and I will
      tell you why. Because for me the job would be too bloody BORING. But I
      enjoy the products of what they achieve. However, I would much rather be
      a cop or rather a private detective. I love excitement and stimulation
      EVERY DAY. I am made that way. But I do admire what cops do in trying to
      bang criminals up. If somebody harmed any of my family I would tear them
      apart and fuck the law. If somebody was peddling them drugs I would fuck
      them too. You can bank on it Ram.

      But even now, as for telling somebody these things I would need to know
      them and see if there was any point in mentioning these things to them
      or not. I have not told any of my family Ram; and not a one of them has
      ever read anything which I have written. Why not, for it is free on the
      internet? They would not be interested. But if any of them had such
      experiences then they would be interested.

      When you are writing books or writing on the internet ANYOBODY can read
      it. But those who are not interested will not read it. So that is fine.
      So it is the public which is being selective, not me. We live in
      different times Ram from five hundred years ago. Things move on. But NOW
      is always the time for REVOLUTION and EVOLUTION. I don't want things
      to stay as they are for this world is BACKWARD. Somebody asked me when
      Homo Ensophicus was coming. They are already here Ram. But in very small
      numbers yet. One day they will inherit the world. FREEDOM is the power
      to make decisions. YOU have no such freedom yet. I here in this country
      have no such freedom yet. I will take this power from the few power
      freaks and we will all decide how life and society goes on this world.
      REVOLUTION !!!! The people are the power. I am and always was a
      revolutionist. That I am a mystic is by the by. Politics is my thing. I
      will NOT be ruled and told what to do !!! Likewise if any outlanders
      come here telling me how to live and trying to take over here then they
      would get the cold steel right up them too. I would never surrender to
      them. I would rather that every Englishman and woman would die than to
      give in. I have the will to do that. Death is irrelevant. But I would
      rather be alive here to get the job done. You cannot do anything here
      when you are not here. I like it here. But if Buddhists don't like
      it here then there is always an option. END IT. But I like it here. I
      don't keep that secret either. So, send on the clowns !!!

      Dick Richardson

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