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Here is a nice one for you Ram

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  • Dick.
    Here is a nice one for you Ram Here is a nice one for you to chew on Ram. I have told this story before but I will tell it again one more time. It is not a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2012
      Here is a nice one for you Ram

      Here is a nice one for you to chew on Ram. I have told this story before
      but I will tell it again one more time. It is not a transcendent
      experience at all, much of it is a psychic experience but it has
      mystical undertones. I cannot quite remember exactly what year this
      happened but it was a few years after the Transcendent event; so I would
      have been about twenty six I guess. It was at a time when I was on the
      verge of quitting playing chess and seriously thinking about it.

      I was in the chess club playing some guy whom I would normally have
      beaten very easily; ten games out of ten. But this evening my mind was
      not on chess and I was just not interested. Anyway, I found that I was
      not in a very good position and was losing this game, so I started to
      concentrate. Some guy from another table was looking at our game and
      laughed and said I was in the shit. I suddenly saw a complex mate in
      eight moves. But then I realised that this was not the game I was
      playing. Instantly I said to this guy – "I don't see why you
      are laughing because you are going to be mated in eight moves no matter
      what you do"! I was very shocked at saying that. And he was very
      shocked at hearing it. I had not been anywhere near his table to see his
      chess game.

      We ALL went over to his table to play through his game. This was a very
      strong chess club with many GOOD players in it, including me. There were
      also three British masters playing there that night and one
      international master who was a well known chess master and writer of
      chess books. I played his opponents game and was to execute a mate in
      eight no matter what moves they found for the opposition. They were
      mated in eight moves every time. We set the position up again many times
      and played variations and every time there was a mate in eight. They
      thought I was a chess genius. But this was not my normal playing
      standard. Not a one of them asked how I knew this before I had seen his
      board. So, you go figure. I played many thousands of games of chess
      during my early life but there is no way I could ever do that or bring
      it about by will. You try playing a game of chess which you have never

      When I was three years old I asked myself as to what exists for
      consciousness to become conscious of. I had a lifetime of finding some
      of those things which consciousness can be conscious of. I loved chess
      when I was young. But I was devoting far too much time to it. I knew
      that. I have sometimes been asked as to how life could have been so much
      fun while also not being easy and presenting all these things to me that
      I personally had to argue against to find out if they were really true.
      They were true. But chess, like life, was fun but not easy. I guess it
      was the hardness and the complexity and the variety which I liked so
      much. No two chess games are ever the same. No two people are ever the
      same. No two moments in time are ever the same. How many minutes have I
      lived here so far? No two minutes have ever been identical. I only ever
      played one Grandmaster, and I only played him one game. He was number
      six in the world at the time. I lost. But only just. But I was mere lad
      of about twenty one then. I got better at it. But I was never interested
      in winning or winning prizes, I was interested in PLAYING CHESS. I have
      been interested in living this life. It was fantastic. Hey, did you
      know that there are far more potential chess positions than scientists
      claim there are atoms in the physical universe. What would scientists
      make of that game that evening? Who cares what they make of it. What
      exists for consciousness to become conscious of Ram? And how would you
      know? And how would you prove it? Hey, if I exist one more month then I
      will have another birthday and more whisky will come from the kids. Some
      buddhists have told me that my kids are an illusion :- )))))) FUCK
      BUDDHISM and all the other religions son. As for scientists then keep at
      it :- ))) At least christians don't tell me that my kids are
      illusions. They tell me that godo made them ;- ) I would like to meet
      this godo of theirs and have a game of chess and a pint of beer with it.
      Have a nice day.

      Dick Richardson (a mystic with gnosis).

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