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Cognitive Insurgence

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  • Dick.
    Cognitive Insurgence [ Dick: Do you think I would tell you if I knew? ... You have to learn about psychology ... This has all been a lifetime s personal
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2012
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      Cognitive Insurgence

      [ Dick: "Do you think I would tell you if I knew? ... You have to learn
      about psychology ... This has all been a lifetime's personal evolution!
      ... So, whom would you give it to?"

      Ram: What is the mechanism of your lifetime excellent and exceptional
      personal evolution? You can give the method/procedure for attaining the
      Psychognosis/mystic-state to people at large so that they can benefit by
      having all the exceptional experiences you had. Personally, whatever
      little I know, I give freely to others through my articles. I think that
      this is an excellent service to all people. Ram.]

      First: How the hell would I know the method and mechanisms of why what
      happens happens? I know what happens. THAT is a good start. I DO share
      all that with people whom I can reach. But I cannot reach ALL people.
      All this life experience was NOT due to any method and plan which I had.
      I did not orchestrate my life and life experience. What do you share
      with them? A theory? A set of beliefs? A set of myths?

      Second: How can I tell of things which I don't know? It is difficult
      enough telling of what you DO know. Do you really think that my telling
      them of mystical experience is going to give them one? Huh ! It CAN give
      them food for thought and maybe a little assistance and forewarning.

      HOWEVER: Have you ever heard of or come across Cognitive Insurgence? A
      form of giving people what you and they DONT know? Otherwise known as

      Here is the dictum, credo, and work ethic of ancient Roman Political
      Power; and they were not the only ones to use it and it is being used
      today –

      Vulgus vult decipi – decipiatur.

      "The common people like to be deceived – deceived let them be".

      This however they got wrong. People do not LIKE to be deceived but they
      CAN be deceived. And they have been deceived for at least three thousand
      years by political powers and control freaks. Probably much longer than
      that. What you need to do is give them a pack of lies while at the same
      time hitting their emotional hot spots; and many of them accept the lies
      as truth. EASY !

      Here is an easy one for you and very close to your home. What brought
      down those three towers on 9/11 ? Forgetting all the experts evidence
      and which there is reams to claim that could not happen, but just
      OBSERVE what happened. I was watching it live on the TV as it was
      happening. It is plain to see that they were expert demolition jobs. So
      who did it and why? Where does the `official' account of it come from?
      You are not stupid are you? Did they know about Pearl Harbour before it
      happened? Of course they bloody well did, we had all their so called
      `secret' codes. America wanted war on both occasions. Coincidences?
      Come orf it.

      Do you think a lifetime of mystical experiences and the effects of them
      were accidental coincidences? But do I know how it all happened? NO !
      Am I going to tell them that I do know when I don't know? But I CAN
      tell them what happened and I have done that. What have you done? What
      are you leaving behind you? And you criticise me for having tried to do
      something. I don't take kindly to that lad. Come here and tell me what
      I OUGHT to do !

      But anyway, and as I have said before, you have all this GURU's stuff
      which you claim works. So why are not the millions of people who have
      done meditation for years all mystics? I have never done meditation or
      yogi practices. Huh ! Buddhism enlightened my backside. Even that was
      done to try and get people organised was it not. Fill their heads full
      of shit like all religions do and while hitting the emotional hot spots
      to stir them up. When will they ever learn.

      However, Even if I did know how to do all this to cause a lifetime of
      exceptional experiences then how would I know if this or that person is
      ready to handle it? You ought to read about five hundreds accounts of
      these things. That would give you an education. Ask young Jet, she is on
      your mailing list. NO, if I knew how to bring on all this stuff I would
      not do it. Let it happen naturally. You have your answer, don't bother
      me again with it. Also science is great at getting at physical answers.
      But not life answers and human experience answers. QED.

      Dick Richardson

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