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Ref Unconsciousness and Unaware

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  • Dick.
    Ref Unconsciousness and Unaware. Every night in bed I drink a cup of coffee, think about the day for a while, then turn over, stop thinking and within a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2012
      Ref Unconsciousness and Unaware.

      Every night in bed I drink a cup of coffee, think about the day for a
      while, then turn over, stop thinking and within a few seconds I am gone.
      Some nights (not often) I may have a dream, but more often than not
      there is just a complete blank and I do not even know that I exist. But,
      for a few years now, I wake up if I need a pee. Plainly the body works
      while I am totally unconscious of anything. The program goes on whilst I
      sleep. It always has since I landed here in 1938. But this does not
      imply that the body requires any kind of conscious control. The car
      works too. Albeit only when some conscious entity is controlling it. But
      that is a manmade object. Does a tree need to be conscious for doing
      what trees do? What about a river rolling down hill?

      However, some people might be constructed different to me and do not
      really fall asleep when they go to bed but lay there directing what the
      body does by conscious willpower.

      Then there is the bit about the middle section, the Subconscious. Is
      that conscious? I was conscious while passing through it. But is IT
      conscious? Does IT know what it is doing and why?

      Then let us go back to the bit that this world does not talk about and
      does not seem to know about – the first bit – the eternal and
      primordial I AM bit. What do I know about that? Only what I
      experienced of it. And I have told that. The older I have got the more I
      have come to realise how little I know. But I still enjoy the mystery of
      life and being. All I CAN ever write and talk about is the tiny fraction
      which I KNOW as yet from having lived it. I leave speculation, theories
      and hypothesis to others. For they seem to have nothing better to do in
      many cases. I have told it AS IS according to my conscious living
      experience of it. Even that is more than many of them can take. Maybe
      the existence of everything incarnate time and space is done from the
      end, for the adventure of it. I don't know. So much to learn and so
      little time for me to do it in. As yet. Yeah, they have called me mad
      for at least seventy years now.

      I do distinctly remember the first few months after coming here for
      second time wondering as to why incarnation and temporality is needed. I
      sure found out why. And I have told it as best I could in mere words.
      But the power of the word is yet another mystery. I look forward to
      learning more if ever that should come about. The future will tell. Not
      the past. But life has been good thus far. The power of the unknown
      still motivates me however. So far anyway. I am just as thrilled about
      learning now as I was when I was three years old; and even though the
      process seems to be too slow for my liking. I would like to put a
      firework up its arse. I can still learn faster than it dishes it out.


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