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Re: [Homo_Ensophicus_Advent] Unconscious v Unaware

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  • Dick.
    Re: [Homo_Ensophicus_Advent] Unconscious v UnawarePosted By: [Offline] * w_asa_t *
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      Mon Sep 3, 2012 7:19 pm |
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      ["And every night I become unconscious."]

      But do you really become unconscious during the night or is it merely
      that the conscious mind retreats into restfulness while the other bit
      continues to function and do. If one is unconscious what then is it that
      makes the heart beat or the lungs to function, the blood to move or any
      of a myriad other things that must be overseen and to simply be or
      become the effect of a cause? Perhaps, what we have here as they say is
      a failure to communicate. By that I mean that perhaps what is meant by
      being unconscious at night is that one is not fully conscious of the
      physical world much like one would be when under anesthesia. However,
      even that is not truly a correct statement as we shall see.

      One cannot be totally unconscious in the sense of being completely
      unaware as the three bits do not have an unconscious state that I have
      experienced. Even in the dead of night those bits continue to function
      with purpose. The processing of the daily dross would have to be
      ignored, in my estimation, if one was to say that they were unconscious,
      without activity. As we sleep there is a bit of us that continues to
      make use of the mind to the extent of processing everything that needs
      be put in proper order; as well as we would have to not to take in
      consideration all the other functions that continues as the body
      receives in sleep a respite from the assault of its physical and psychic
      senses. Even during that respite from the full on aware assault upon our
      senses there is that part that still remains aware of the rightness that
      goes on around us. Do we not "come awake" when there is the sensing that
      things are amiss?

      One can while asleep be still aware without the conscious awareness of
      being aware, as in sleep I am consciously unaware of all that goes on
      around me. If one argues that I am totally unaware then why is it that
      noises or other factors out of the ordinary can rouse a person from the
      sleeping state. If I was totally unaware then nothing would rouse me
      until the appointed time for withdrawal from the sleeping state. It is
      quite evident through observation and empirical data that we are truly
      never fully unconscious, even in the sleeping state.

      As for conscious awareness then it is true that I can exist in a state
      oblivious to the obvious. I AM is always conscious but there is the
      ability for existence within such state that, within the realm of the
      conscious mind within physical existence, where I fail to acknowledge
      that which IS. I AM is the captain of the ship but the ship was built
      through the efforts and upon the blueprint of something that exists
      beyond the I AM. Does the fact that the ship was constructed under the
      direction and supervision of other than I AM give leave to excuse one
      from the responsibility of one's own acts? No, I AM through free-will
      has the sole responsibility for the causes and effects that it creates
      at all times, whether here and now or somewhere remote from the current
      now. It is the learning that one is truly responsible for the effects
      caused by one's own actions on ALL THAT IS that is the lesson to be
      learned while existing within the physical body incarnate. The
      Consummatum Est is the foundation upon which that lesson is brought to
      light so that each can grasp the knowledge of how that which one causes
      can bring an effect upon each and every bit that exists within that
      expansiveness within which we all reside.

      Conscious, unconscious, aware, unaware are all states that exist
      relative to the three bits that is I AM. From where I perceive, there
      can truly be no unconscious for there is always, at all times,
      communication, at least at the level one never loses the ability to
      rejoin with each of those bits, and connection between each of the three
      bits without fail. With constant connection and communication there can
      be no unconscious, as we would define it, as those three bits are fully
      conscious of EVERYTHING now and in every now that will exist as long as
      those three bits exists. Each of the two bits that are an extension of
      the bit within GOB cannot exist without the others as each is part and
      parcel of the others.

      These things exist to be found such as they exist to be found to be.
      They are TRUTHS which will be found to be the same whenever found by one
      or another. Expanding outward from the fundamental TRUTH that I exist,
      that existence is comprised at this moment of a trinity of aspect of the
      primordial consciousness from which I am projected, there are other
      fundamental TRUTHS that await discovery for the construction of I AM is
      not haphazard. Such construction implies a greater something from which
      that consciousness came. Implicit within the shear magnitude of the
      orderliness within the infinite causes and effects that constitute all
      that has been found and all that lies awaiting to be found , which is
      observable by the observer, is some fundamental intelligence,
      consciousness, mathematical precession that the observable orderliness
      is constructed upon and around.

      Such is the case of the rantings from one who suffers from what science
      would say is delusional thinking or the effects of rapid brain

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      rwr <dick.richardson@...> wrote:

      Unconscious v Unaware

      To deny that we cannot be unconscious is a flagrant denial of our
      sensory abilities and life experience. And every night I become
      unconscious. Likewise to deny that we can be conscious yet unaware of
      this or that is also a flagrant denial of our life and learning process.
      For how much longer is Man going to deny its own life experience and
      learning process in order to erect some nonexistent fairy to be the
      captain of its ship so that he and she might relinquish the
      responsibility of their own actions? First gods and demons and then the
      fates due to a blind uncaring mechanical physical universe. And if you
      tell me that humanity is not a cop out to life itself then I will laugh
      all the way to the end of my existence here. Blind blind blind !


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