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Re: K Street pirates

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  • Mary
    Thank you! My residual naivete surprises even me sometimes. Mary
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2012
      Thank you! My residual naivete surprises even me sometimes.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:
      > Do not trust Lofgren he is writing what few have figured out. This is the vast republican conspiracy that smart girl Hillary identified. This is the MIC that Ike warned us about. Lofgren was a republican staffer who delt with K street in all its skulduggary. This guy is retiring and is writing his tell all to top off his coffers. He may see the demise of the republican era and is packing his golden parachute. Trust him like you would trust Abramoff or Rowe or Milt Mcconnel. Lofgren is exposing what happned and the pirates are on another tact by now. The only thing these fucks care about is money and manditory reductions will cut there money supply. The dems need stick to their guns and not make a deal. Then they use the same tactics as the republicans and start the labeling immedately after the election. The Republican congress caused these draconian cuts and further obstructionism will cause recall fights. The dems might learn that their phony populism will reap them lesser K Street cash. As the movie quot said there are differing degrees of rotten. Lofgren is just the messanger, bearing old intelligence. Bill
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