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Your Interview was Interesting BUT?

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  • Dick.
    Your Interview was Interesting BUT? [ Thanks Dick. Your interview is interesting. Please let me know if I misunderstood: Did you say that mystic experience is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2012
      Your Interview was Interesting BUT?

      [ Thanks Dick. Your interview is interesting. Please let me know if I
      misunderstood: Did you say that mystic experience is available to all?
      However, there is no method to attain that state. If one is lucky then
      it might just happen to him/her. Are there only 14 mystics you know in
      the world? Do the experiences match among all mystics? If they do not,
      then how can we say who is telling the true reality; it would be then
      all mind-dependent reality (MDR), i.e., reality/truth varies from one
      mystic to another. If this the case, then how should we use these
      mystical experiences to generate a theory? Cheers! Regards, Ram ]

      One day, a long time ago and before I had written any books I was phoned
      up by the BBC and asked if would give a talk on Mystical Experiences. I
      said certainly and asked them how long would they give me. The woman
      said three minutes. It was for woman's hour :- )))) I said make it ten
      hours and I will do it. This must have been in the early seventies. Then
      in 2007 I was asked to do one by the Gnostic sect in the USA. I am not
      a gnostic (in their terms) and I have never belonged to any sects or
      cults. So I asked the guy how long and he said an hour long interview,
      so it wasn't a talk or a lecture, which would have been much better. It
      was also live, and something like this ought to be pre recorded, for
      live you have to do it off the top of your head and not even knowing
      what questions would come. In previous correspondence I was given some
      idea of some of the questions, but on a live show you have to take what
      comes. Now, what can you say in one hour ? :- ) Especially when one is
      being asked questions and not just free to tell it your way and then
      being asked questions about that ? :- )) THAT is what I have done on the
      Archive group – answered questions. So, no mystical experiences were
      described on the radio interview, but many of them are in the book; the
      big ones at least.

      Yes, I did say that all mystical experiences are available to any living
      conscious entity. I don't think a tree or a stone could have them. But
      you would have to ask a tree or a stone about that :- ))) We are alive
      and they are about life. They are about what we are about. They are not
      about gods and fairies on mount Olympus mate :- ))) The question is not
      about why some have them it is about why some people don't have them.
      Does it seem natural to you that we don't know what we are or where we
      come from? But it does not even end there, it goes on about the
      relationship of life with all life and non living things. It is in the
      book. I did not write it for fun.

      You ask as to how we should use mystical experience to generate a
      theory. They don't need any bloody theory sir. Do you need a theory to
      breath in and out or have sex with your spouse? Do you need a theory to
      get born onto this world? What good is a theory to breathing? Mystical
      experience does not make one clever or some kind of bloody genius you
      know. Nor does it help you to play chess or drive a car :- ) But it sure
      does help you to know a real mystic and also know all the bullshitters.
      The thing about the bloke doing the interview is that he was interested.
      Most people are not. Did you notice how SHOCKED he was when I said that
      living during the war was better than living now? And also how shocked
      he was when hearing that morality does not come from books? He is a
      Yank from the USA sir. You know what it is like there – and the
      pill-grim fathers et al :- )))) Praise the LUD :- ))) Also did you
      notice how shocked he was to hear that IF I knew a certain way to
      achieve THE transcendent mystical experience or the consummatum
      Incarnate then I would not tell anyone? Did you also notice that I was
      never invited back for a follow up? The mystery was as to how I got
      interviewed by them in the first place. But they are desperately seeking
      anywhere and everywhere after having dumped their fundamentalist
      christianity. Religions are the worst parasite and virus on the human
      mind. Are there only fourteen mystics? Do you think I have communicated
      with seven billion people mate? Moreover the few mystics which I found
      found me, not me finding them. That is what you get for writing about
      it. I guessed that I would find a few hundred in England alone. I did
      not find one in England and still have not. But there must be some here
      somewhere, but I do not know sixty million people on this small island.
      And I sure don't want to know sixty million people – a few are
      enough :- ))) Nor do I stand on street corners or in pubs talking
      about mystical experience. They have to come to me. And only fourteen
      have done in all this time. But how many read the books? A few thousand
      people at most probably? I am not a mind reader I can only go by

      Do all mystics find the same thing? All the folks who have THAT
      mystical experience find the same thing YES. But there are types and
      depths of mystical experiences. Do all people find the same thing when
      walking down a street? How far did they walk along it? And were their
      eyes open when they were walking along it, and no matter how far they
      walked along it? Over the last twenty years I have found very few
      people who were good at asking questions on all this. The bloke on the
      radio show from Chicago wasn't too bad at all. But we should have had
      ten hours or a week not one hour :- ))))) But on this pathetic world
      time is money :- )) How retarded can it get eh. Naahh, mystics are still
      the most unpopular of all people. The mob love murderers more. Pluss
      mystics have nothing to give them but a few words which they cannot even
      prove to be true. But life can and DOES :- ))) Roll on Homo Ensophicus,
      Sapiens have had its day. May they soon go the way of the Dodo. And the
      sooner the better.

      How can WE (you) know who is telling the truth about mystical
      experience? By knowing it yourself. You cannot know otherwise. But you
      can use your common sense in the meantime.

      FREEWARE. Share it among your friends – straight from the horse's
      mouth. How many mystics will you find in your lifetime? Lucky you eh.
      And no theories needed. Just life experience. It comes with the
      package. Are we all born identical??? Is there a WE??? Is there no such
      thing as evolution and change??? Are we all still living in trees???

      Best wishes Ram

      R.W. (Dick) Richardson

      Exmoor. England.

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