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Ref the Ground of Being Consciousness

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  • rwr
    Ref the Ground of Being Consciousness [ Hi dear friend, Wow! Bryony has another new horse… how many does she keep now?? Is she going back to school or
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2012
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      Ref the Ground of Being Consciousness

      [ Hi dear friend,

      Wow! Bryony has another new horse… how many does she keep now?? Is
      she going back to school or training for the Olympics, or both?? That
      girl is incredibly energetic and beautiful.. does she ever get to play
      the cello still?? I am glad she is "my niece." ;-))

      Yes, true consciousness studies go way back before it was called such. I
      am also thinking of the Introspectionists movement back in the late
      1800s. Of course Socrates/ Plato were some of my favorite philosophers
      and thank gads that the thoughts and senses were scribed. I also recall
      being sooo moved by a number of "altered states of
      consciousness" and "higher consciousness" books when I was
      in my 20s and 30s. So true you are from experience… it should be
      dubbed "deeper consciousness/ Ground of Being of
      Consciousness".. ah me.

      You know, I made no real changes to book Blue Hills Diary… it will
      be the same you read in 1998-2000. The only real change is that I had to
      rework the formatting for their (publisher) specs. Some of the layout
      got lost in the translation, but there is enough to see that I use
      words/ lyrical prose as an art form too.

      I woke up too early this morning… usually wake up about 1 or so. I
      leave for work at 3am to get there early and do filing/ set up for the
      day. Make coffee for the troops.

      OK I am sooo curious.. who is this PF jerk who stole your poems>> I will
      never tell, but I want to see his work. In any event, YOU have the

      Just keeping in touch on this note..

      Sending Much Love and Thank You for all your support, Dick!

      SuZ ### ]

      She has just sold one horse, it has gone to a great family living in
      Guernsey in the Chanel Islands and she hears from them regularly. That
      was Felix the Exmoor pony which we saved from being dogs meat. She
      trained to up herself, tis a wonderful horse. It was the one which tried
      to kill me before it had its balls chopped off. It chased me around a
      field for over half an hour until I leapt over a five foot gate in one
      stride :- ) She has also sent one recent horse back to Ireland and got
      this one as a replacement, so she still has four horses again. She has
      been so busy with teaching and doing events all this summer, and she is
      off back to University in September for her last year. She is still
      wearing your grandmothers ring :- ))) I think she really wants her own
      stables and riding school eventually and to marry a millionaire. She
      knows one and he really fancies her but she is too busy right now. The
      Olympics is a nice pipe dream :- ))) No, alas, she hardly ever plays the
      cello now. But when she takes it out and uses it she can just do it.
      Yes, the kid is so full of life it is amazing. I am proud of all the
      kids and so pleased for them all, they are great; and they all do their
      own thing. And they have a wonderful mother who is always there for
      them. They will take care of her when I am gone. But she is still
      working like a horse at the moment at so many things. Wish I had more
      energy and puff these days :- )))

      I will tell you that blokes name in private. He did not pinch my poems.
      Somebody else had already done that :- ) But he was noting down
      everything which I had written to the AHRC. An Academic scum-bag.
      Don't know anything about the Introspectionist Movement which you
      mention. I will have to look it up. Never heard of it.

      I have never had to bother about pleasing publishers and giving them
      what they want. I did it my way – as the song says :- ) The
      internet came along just in time and then I was FREE :- ) I will do what
      I can to give your book some advertising.

      Merlin of Exmoor

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