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Re: Socio-Political Left Right

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  • William
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 2, 2012
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "rwr" <dick.richardson@...> wrote:
      > Socio-Political Left Right
      > [ The real fight here that caused the breakdown of the list was not
      > philosophical or existential. Now the right is vicious, tenacious and
      > dedicated. The left is theoretical lazy and abstract..... Now Dick
      > is probably left of me. I am left of Bush but right of Tom Harkin. None
      > of the caball were existentialists but the socialist friends who hid
      > behind the veil of existentialism. As leftists they split and ran when
      > affronted. Dick does not give a damn about American politics but he is a
      > hard Brit and will not be backed off by soft leftist shit.... Why not
      > call yourselves post modernist leftists rather than hiding under a false
      > existential banner. Billgrim William. ]
      > I do not fit into the work-a-day terminology of political left-right at
      > all William. I am neither a hard or soft left or right wing anything
      > within this modern day spectrum of socio-politics. I want it ALL
      > scrapped, and capitalism scrapped; and money scrapped; and banks
      > scrapped; and Homo Sapiens scrapped: and not to be replaced by a far
      > left dictatorial machine regime. So, even the term post modernist is way
      > off beam for my socio-political stance. And it has been like it since
      > the age of four. You only have to look around you to see all the lying
      > and cheating and conniving and corruption of Homo Sapiens. It is a
      > redundant species and the sooner it goes down the evolutionary
      > extinction black hole the better. Change is way overdue.
      > My interest as a very young child was the Human Situation. It still is
      > seventy years later. There is nothing within the human situation which
      > can be extracted from the human situation and that includes politics.
      > How we decide to live work and play together on this planet and when we
      > move out there into colonising the local space out there. For people to
      > say they are not interested in politics is to say they are not
      > interested in life and our situation here on this world. There is a lot
      > of real estate out there and I intend grabbing some of it. But they
      > can't even run this place yet. They shit all over it and all over
      > their own dignity and integrity. SHIT POTS ! Perhaps in a thousand years
      > time they might well say that I am post modernist. But I will not be
      > here in a thousand years time, so being a pragmatists I am concerned
      > with today because I have to live it today. One cannot NOT live in the
      > times one is living in, so you just have to make the most of situation
      > while trying to change it for the better in a subtle psychological ways
      > – and ways that conform to the human situation as it really IS. All
      > three parts of us. There is no way that I am not going to enjoy this
      > life simply because it is still in the dark ages. The world of humanity
      > will not come right until they first get themselves right. The first
      > revolution MUST be on the INSIDE. Then as it is on the inner so too will
      > it become on the outer. But not until then. Human evolutionary change is
      > slow. Too bloody slow. We can help it along. I/WE/US must become the
      > living reflection on earth as to what I am/we are in the root of my/our
      > being. They don't even know what that is yet. How blind can blind
      > get !
      > I exist. Therefore I do something about it and with it. Nobody else can
      > move your machine around and direct it. ONLY YOU. And no fuck faced godo
      > or politician is pulling my strings and calling my tune. I can do that
      > for myself thank you.
      > Have a nice day.
      > Dick Richardson
      > Think of the standard model and think what it means now that it is validated. The god particle what a joke. It is the anti god particle. Just lie and spin that is what stands for logic today. The Higgs will test their spinning talents as it has no spin. Bill
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