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They got it backwards

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  • rwr
    They got it backwards [ I also find this saying about I think therefore I am to be really silly.] So do I as it makes no sense whatsoever. If you did not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2012
      They got it backwards

      [ I also find this saying about I think therefore I am to be really

      So do I as it makes no sense whatsoever. If you did not exist first
      then you would not be able to think. It really should be that I AM
      therefore I think. The idiots will argue all kind of beLIEf related
      bullshit going on and on trying to make the physical body and existence
      here of some importance but they don't have a clue.

      The physical body itself serves a purpose similar to that of an
      automobile. An automobile allows me the capability to travel from
      place to place and do all kinds of "work" type stuff but without
      me as the driver then the automobile is nothing and eventually will
      return to which from it came [if left long enough]. Also like the body
      an automobile tends to deteriorate during the time it is in use
      eventually reaching a state to where no further service can be gotten
      out of it.

      I AM is indeed consciousness pure and simple. My small piece of
      consciousness, which constitutes the driver of my piece of machinery,
      from all indications has been in existence since the genesis of the
      cosmos and from all indications will continue in existence until the
      cosmos reaches the recycle point.

      It is for a far greater purpose for I AM to experience all there is to
      experience as while here as that experience provides direct conveyance
      of things new and different to it. Every new thing adds to the whole of
      which it has direct experience without which it could not grow and
      become greater than it was. The only way to learn is through
      experience. The only way to experience is to be aware that is the
      purpose [providing new and novel things to be learned] for which all
      things occur. [The apparentness of the saying as below; so above, as
      above; so below.]

      That is just the way it is found to be. There are many who look for
      the answers but few who find even the basic ones. Being there is no
      way of providing "scientific" proof of that which is beyond the
      grasp of our scientist there is no way of "convincing" anyone of
      the validity of such things. It is but for the individual to garner
      that proof during a personal quest while being aware and astute enough
      to be able to extract from each experience the gems of revelation that
      lie within.

      Just as you cannot see what lies beyond the windshield of an automobile
      if you keep your eyes shut, you cannot "see" what lies right in
      front of you if you don't open the "eyes" of consciousness
      to that which is apparent. Too bad there isn't a switch one could
      throw that would open every person up to the reality of what living in
      this real existence is all about,

      Psychognosis Archive group

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