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PRE: Inducing and Deduction?

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  • rwr
    PRE: Inducing and Deduction? [ Howdy Dick, I understand why you can t be bothered with theories. But I can t help but be curious. I feel there may be much
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      PRE: Inducing and Deduction?

      [ Howdy Dick,

      I understand why you can't be bothered with theories. But I can't help
      but be curious. I feel there may be much about the subconscious that we
      can deduce from experience.

      This oneness experience that I mentioned feels like you're floating in a
      substance that is the very thing that all matter is made of. It feels
      like no material thing would exist if that stuff didn't exist. It is one
      hundred percent in sync with eternity. If eternity is perfection, than
      thisstate of oneness is the next best thing. That's what it feels like.
      It feels like the furthest you can travel by will. No wonder people
      mistake it for the mystical gnosis event. I could will these experiences
      to happen.

      I know from observing my body at the beginning of my sessions, that my
      breathing became very shallow, nearly no breathing at all in fact. My
      body must have looked unconscious because after my sessions I used to
      turn my pillow because I had drooled all over it. I could only observe
      my body (not see but feel) at the beginning, because deeper down I
      stopped using outward senses. I don't think however that anybody ever
      saw me in this state. I didn't mean to talk about early ape archetypes.
      I meant the first psychic manifestation EVER. It just doesn't feel
      logical that it would be anything other than this oneness experience.
      From my perspective I don't really see how it could possibly be
      otherwise. But I don't KNOW it. And I don't know WHEN a psychic
      manifestation first happened. Maybe before life became conscious of
      events in a material world. Of maybe after. There's much I don't know
      and as long as I feel that are things that can be deduced and learned
      about, I'll be curious.Why do you write my name in your message bold?
      Second time at least that you did that. But I must say Henriet does
      sound good paired with Richard me thinks. Rather posh. Like leading
      characters in a good movie :-) Dick and Jet doesn't sound bad either, as
      long as people say Yet, not Jet. Night Knight, Jet ]

      Dear Lady Henriet Jolanda van der Heide-Kroeze

      Otherwise known as Yet the feisty Dutch woman :- ))))

      The reason why your name came out in bold is because I cannot spell it,
      so I cut and pasted it from a place where it was already in bold :- )
      That gets that one out of the way :- ) I do like the name though.

      I have turned your email blue but with some red bold highlights which I
      can address. And in short – Induction and Deductions. But can I use
      it on the groups or not?

      NB. I did not find eternity to be perfection. Just very nice and
      illuminating too.


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