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Re: Ref the Wild Knight?

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  • William
    ... I was taught the wild ways by Hyder Harris who carried a darringer and switchblade and gamboled in box cars for big wads of cash. After a session with
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick Richardson" <merlinofexmoor@...> wrote:
      > Ref the Wild Knight?
      > [ Cervantes deposited the initial Wild Knight in our midst. The hero was
      > the epitomy of self style. I have been accused of such but Dick deserves
      > the title to a greater degree. Those who march to a different drummer
      > are the projections of growth that spark change. As Dick screams for
      > revolution his wildness becomes evident and his worth is enhanced.
      > Charge on! Sir Knight, there are windmills to tilt with. Grimm William.
      > ]
      > Oh, you make me blush, stop it I am ticklish; I am not the Don Quixote
      > type Phew, sod that for a way of life :- )) I am much more the lone
      > Highwayman type and calling at the old Inns up on the moors at the dead
      > of night, and maybe chatting to the barmaids after a noggin or two and a
      > bowl of broth and a few side dish victuals. But when they start
      > cleaning these places out and making it all hygienic and clinical and
      > law abiding then they are not worth going back to, for I like germs in
      > my grub and some spit and sawdust; and no rules. Tis good for you. Tis
      > all the crap which keeps you healthy innit.
      > However, as well as windmills there be also castles, hump-back bridges
      > over the rivers where you can waylay the rich aristocracy to feed the
      > poor, fields of gold to hide out in when you fancy a kip. Oh yes, that
      > reminds me, and some wild wild women to be tamed there :- ))) And
      > religionists say there is no fun here :- )) I guess they have never
      > tasted the goods to find out :- )) They don't know what they are
      > missing sir. Did I ever tell you of the dalliance at Robbers Bridge on a
      > balmy moonlight autumn summers night during the heat wave of seventy
      > six?
      > Mind you, it is more peaceful to do nothing. But I was not looking for
      > peace. They wanted shit and strife on this world so they got it. I
      > wasn't born that way, just made myself that way – because it was
      > needed. I will never give up until the last breath has gone. Failure
      > does not matter. It is not trying which matters. And Revolution IS
      > Evolution. You can't have one without the other. Evo-Revo-Evo. Or as
      > the actress said the bishop, move over Beethoven. But you know, there
      > is also the dead serious side to me, and there always was. You really
      > ought to try reading the book, it is not about what you are assuming it
      > to be about. The novel is fun too. Bet you a bucket of bucks that you
      > have never read one like that before. I sure have not :- ) I might stick
      > around to direct the movie in Bollyfixville:- ) Or I might not. We
      > will see.
      > The Beast of Exmoor and the scourge of Seven Sisters Road Camden Town.
      > Merlin, I best not know of that business on the hump back bridge, the lovely Dulcinea must be protected at all costs. Or was that humping on the back bridge?
      I was taught the wild ways by Hyder Harris who carried a darringer and switchblade and gamboled in box cars for big wads of cash. After a session with the shaved cubes we would have plenty to go to the soda fountain in the pharmacy and get a real Coca cola. It had a big line of cocaine and a six year old can get real happy. I like you miss the simple days but with the temp at 95F the air conditioning is most comfortable. As a german lord who lives at malibu says "We are comfortable" . Grimm
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