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Beneath the Mask?

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  • Dick Richardson
    Beneath the Mask? [ ... that the eternal void spawns anything should be reversed; it s our finitude, the tracings of our reality which shape the void, in the
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      Beneath the Mask?

      [ ... that the eternal void spawns anything should be reversed; it's our
      finitude, the tracings of our reality which "shape" the void, in the
      same way that a mask can be more real than what's beneath. There's
      nothing behind or beneath; there's only the illusion. Thanks, Contrary
      Mary ]

      Well, at least you are not attacking anybody in this one – not that
      it matters a fig when you do of course. However, let me ask a few
      questions, for clarity, if I may.

      (1) What mask? Behind or below what mask?

      (2) What eternal void have you found? When did you discover it. Was it
      scary being in a void. How long were you in it. Tell us about it. What
      is it like. Describe your experience of it pretty please? (an

      (3) How does our reality shape the void of which you speak? And who is

      Comment: If you are PERHAPS talking about what lays beyond the most
      common daily five external senses, then humanity, and many people in
      fact, have known for ten thousand years or more that there were things
      beyond the vale, or cave, of the five major external senses. But you
      might not know, and thence assume that nobody else has been beyond the
      input of the five major external senses. And when saying many people and
      for a very long time, I am NOT talking about religions and their idiotic
      shmysticism. You don't have to BELIEVE that there is a subconscious,
      you can study it – if you can get to it. Many people can and have;
      and have documented it for the record. But you might not have done :-
      )) Who gives a rats arse if you have or you haven't.

      As for masks I asked my wife to get me one of those Guy Fawkes V for
      Vendetta masks, because they look better than what I do now; and it
      would be a bit of fun when the dark nights come and with a Dracula type
      cloak on – but she will not get me one the rotter :- ) She says I
      look fine when I shave and comb my hear and tidy up a bit. But if I did
      get that mask then would it be more real than the me beneath it???? It
      would indeed be a real mask. But that does not make me not real does
      it. Irrespective of your `all is an illusion' theory :- ))) You
      sure do talk a lot of hot air madam. But never mind it will keep the end
      of your nose warm on cold days and might keep Jack Frost from biting it.

      Dick Richardson.

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