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Re: A life worthwhile for you and me

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  • William
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "merlinofexmoor" <merlinofexmoor@...> wrote:
      > A life worthwhile for you and me
      > Been defined yet again. a Post Modernist?
      > [Re: Dick, ignore this, please and thank you;
      > Mary, I would ask you to consider Dick minus the mysticism. He is a
      > modernist although not a book read existential scholar. Now I dare not
      > use the formal term evoloution but the modern environment makes the
      > modernist more fit to survive. I see a environmental existentialism that
      > as Dick says comes from experience. I think he has come to a naturalised
      > existentialism from his long life experience. I am about ten years
      > younger and find that existentialism has been a great benefit to me
      > though most of it was learned in my twenties. Mine was didactic but
      > experience has cemented the knowledge through multiple experiences.
      > Experience is the growth medium of existentialism as very few have
      > studied it formally. More and more people are leaving religion and
      > drifting into modernism. As Dick says religion is dying in europe and
      > europe is more modern, more progressive than USA. I do not read the
      > mystic gunk if you read Dick when he is speaking about his experiences
      > outside of mysticism he is mostly existential in his outlook. Bill grim
      > William. ]
      > If one keeps the lid on their inkwell then nobody knows that you exist
      > (what a lovely thought). But if one takes it off then one will be
      > defined a million different ways by a million different people – or
      > read eight billion there. Why? Well, I am not sure why. Maybe they have
      > nothing better to do but to define things and people. But I do know
      > that a million contradictory definitions cannot all be right. What is
      > wrong with `I am me'. Life does not need interpreting, defining,
      > or nailing to a flag.
      > Post Modernist is the latest one. Post = After or Beyond. As in Meta.
      > Modern? Well, what does modern mean I wonder. The latest, the now most
      > popular? The existing watsit? The latest craze? When did post modern
      > begin? How, why when and where? What about Pre Modernists? What
      > are/were they? When were they? Were they not modern at the time they
      > existed here?
      > However, I suppose there are far worse things which one can be called
      > than a post modernist (whatever that means). How about being called
      > Merlin for example? :- ))) When I was a little boy in the slums during
      > the war I used to crease up laughing when people told me that they were
      > a train driver or a toilet cleaner. Silly me, I thought, for I thought
      > that was what they did to earn money. So, a change of job and they
      > become something different. Emm. What are you young man? "I AM a
      > ?" How about you are an unemployed figermebobwhatsit?
      > If this world were to end its habitable stage today would people of
      > times to come and far way say that it was done well of mankind on this
      > planet? Will there ever come a time for us? We can do better than this.
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Tq56BN8PCQ&feature=related
      > <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Tq56BN8PCQ&feature=related>
      > A life worthwhile for you and me. I can see it. But you cannot make it
      > alone. REVOLUTION ! For modern times are not good enough. Neither were
      > times past here; nor today. It has to change. But people must change
      > first. Do they like it where they are AT – or is it just safe there?
      > And does a safe life equal a good life and one worth living? What makes
      > a life here worth living? A good definition admired by the modern mob
      > maybe? But, no matter what they say, how they define one, what they call
      > one, I would not change any of my past life. It was most assuredly
      > worth living. No complaints here. Maybe they hate you for that; and
      > hence name calling and griping is some kind of solace for them. Best
      > leave them to it.
      > rwr
      > Merlin, you wild knight,you know the prescribed medicine. I like you would not swallow it, Death involvis me, it is an option that the religions just can`t accomidate. So find a graceful way out and enjoy it. Quite a prescription but someone has to observe and perhaps tell. Bill
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