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The FIRST manifest subconscious archetypes?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    The FIRST manifest subconscious archetypes? Lady Henriet Jolanda van der Heide-Kroeze was contemplating upon the possible very first manifestation of a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2012
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      The FIRST manifest subconscious archetypes?

      Lady Henriet Jolanda van der Heide-Kroeze was contemplating upon the
      possible very first manifestation of a subconscious Archetype. Eeemmm
      – could we ever know?

      Question is – Is one talking about a human being type sunbconscious
      archetype manifesting, or about the very first manifest life forms? All
      living things have the subconscious aspect to their being. So, what
      would an early Ape psychic archetype have been? A huge gleaming ripe
      yellow banana maybe?

      Don't ever recall being an Ape personally, but only that of the
      human type life form since I was here. But what would an early human
      manifest archetype MIGHT have been like? I am just taking logical
      guesses here - - Faces in patterns. Such as in cave walls, clouds, etc.
      Running water. Much like people in a hot dry desert seeing a drinking
      pond. Anything which can reassure one of something or other. Moreover,
      what of the question about human GROUP archetypes and that of the
      personal (to you) archetypes? Do some work, do some study, do so
      learning. That which you ignore then you never get to encounter and know
      it. You will not know what is under the bed until you go there, look
      there, explore there. DO IT.

      Keep in mind too that sometimes a psychic emanation can be a very nasty
      experience, and it is there to try to PREVENT you from doing something.
      But that is still in your favour and for your benefit. DONT be
      frightened of bad archetypes. It is only YOU helping YOU. Not some
      monster attacking you.

      However, these `pictures' are NOT IN the subconscious mind other
      than as POTENTIAL. The picture is not being shoved up the pipe line to
      the daily rational discursive mind facet of conscious existence. It is
      the person here what MANIFESTS them from the subconscious potential.
      The vision is a two way production work between the subconscious and the
      conscious mind. It is not just down to one or the other. The
      manifestation is a team production. There are no little pictures in the
      subconscious mind. Study your subconscious mind and find out. GO THERE.
      It is INWARDS. Journey back across that Styx.

      Also there is this bit about something no longer being NEEDED. Some
      stuff THAT WAS, is NO MORE. But the potential still exists to produce
      it and always exists. Lest it IS needed again. NOTHING is wasted and
      there is no such thing as NOTHING. And nothing comes from nothing and
      nothing goes to nothing. As for the evolution of manifest archetypes for
      assistance then how about the road barrier one? That would have meant
      nothing to Apes and not even to human beings of ten thousand years go.
      What about bridges across rivers in near death experiences? What about
      visions of more evolved species? Manifest Archetypes Evolve as
      according to NEED. Music, for example, might be fun and might be
      enjoyable - But it is NEEDED here. But NOT there. There are no human
      beings in the Ground of Being. And what is there is not like anything.
      Know you SELF. And then you will KNOW. FACT !!!

      Oh well, let us get back to the shutting up mode for it is all wasted
      here on this planet. But ARE the times a-changing? TOO bloody slow


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