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Re: Free will within boundaries

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  • Gretchyn Lenger
    Hi Vanaja - Wow, I can t tell you how many times I ve thought that. But I see the restriction as beneficial. Here s what I mean. Who you are in this
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2000
      Hi Vanaja -

      Wow, I can't tell you how many times I've thought that. But I see the
      restriction as beneficial. Here's what I mean. Who you are in this
      incarnation is akin to "the hand you have been dealt" - meaning all the
      attributes, talents, karmas, hang-ups, etc. With every turn of the cards
      you have a choice to make. How you choose sets the foundation for the next
      choice. In this way you create a life that is wholly your own, wholly
      unique to you. The difference between life and the game is that in life we
      each get hundreds of choices to make each day from what we eat, to who we
      talk to and how, what we say, what commitments we make or break, etc. Each
      one, no matter how seemingly insignificant, sets the foundation for the
      next. Take the simplest choice and play it out as an example:

      Maybe this morning I choose to have coffee, which makes me irritable, then
      I meet up with someone and I choose not to bite my tongue and start an
      argument which gets me in trouble at work, maybe then I choose to drive
      home like an angry maniac, cutting people off, setting more hostility in
      motion (each one a separate choice), maybe I cause an accident, maybe I
      choose to go home and argue with my mate to blow off steam (not all
      choices are fully conscious) .... etc, etc. You get the point. But that's
      just one little, tiny choice in a sea of choices and each subsequent
      choice layers on the previous until you have something that only you made
      - even if there's another human out there who was dealt the exact same
      hand as you. Without some boundaries, some limits we wouldn't be able to
      look back and see our own "work of art" so to speak.

      On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Rajiv Pande wrote:

      > Dear all,
      > I sometimes enjoy the game of solitaire. The other day when I was quite engrossed in moving the cards a thought crossed my mind. This game seems so much like life, the cards are all laid out your wining or losing depends on how you move your card. Of course the sequence of cards never changes in a particular game and however you move the cards you may never win. If you are lucky and the sequence is that to win- but again you have to make the right moves!
      > So what do you all think of this restricted free will, a free will that can move only in a limited boundary?
      > Best wishes
      > Vanaja
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