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Music and Thunder ?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Music and Thunder ? [ Re: [Primordial_Quest] Will our children see a better world DeLana? Thanks for all that wonderful music, Merlin! Music has always had a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2012
      Music and Thunder ?

      [ Re: [Primordial_Quest] Will our children see a better world DeLana?

      Thanks for all that wonderful music, Merlin! Music has always had a
      very profound influence on my life. In fact, when I was very young I
      always used to think that I could never live WITHOUT music in my life.
      Life would be very incomplete without the sound of the spheres and the
      melodies of the Cosmos to awaken our psyches to be in touch with all
      entities and feel the compassion and passion of all life.

      That spark of consciousness that is deep within each of us, issuing
      from the Ground of Being ,when awakened is the beginning of this new man
      that will occupy this planet and you have oh so cleverly named Homo
      Ensophicus. The continuing evolution of consciousness will produce more
      of this changed man some day and certainly peace and love can reign
      throughout the land in lieu of all of man's selfishness and greed. And
      one day our children will be born into a world worthy of our true
      nature. I wish I could live to see this happen and if reincarnation is
      true...maybe we all will!

      Last night in the early morning hours when sound asleep, I was awakened
      by a terrific thunder storm. The lightning must have struck a power
      station because most of the town was without electricity and it was warm
      and humid. Could not sleep without the air conditioner. Thankfully the
      power was only off for a few hours and it never was too uncomfortable.
      Like you, the sound of thunder and rain and music makes my spirit beam
      with elation. Love, DeLana ]

      Music and thunder. Yup, strange stuff isn't it. I don't remember the
      event but they always told me that the first two words I ever used were
      `More Moogy'. And I have loved the sound of thunder and rain ever since
      I can remember anything. It is music to me :- ))) I always long to yell
      out the window – `turn it up' :- ) I wonder why that is eh. Every
      good novel should start in a thunderstorm :- )))

      It does seem that when conscious life forms took root on this planet
      that they brought a spark of eternity with them and within them, but it
      slumbered for a long time, and they could only be consciously aware of
      so much at this or that point throughout our evolution here. Enough for
      the day to cope with as it were. And all this is still unfolding. And
      what have they done, and still do, with our song Ma'am ? But yeah, some
      bits of music, like thunder, is like the ancient Sirens call of the wild
      isn't it. That is also why I enjoy walking the moors alone at night
      during a thunder storm. But it is good too around the open fire with
      your spouse on the sheep skin rug and a glass of wine with some nice
      music on quietly in the background and a raging thunderstorm outside. It
      does not get much better than that does it. I remember such nights so

      When will Ensophicus come in any large numbers here? I don't know. But
      the sooner the better, for the place is in need. Thunder is not the
      voice of the forces which shape our being yelling, nor the rain their
      tears. But the thought does make one smile eh. If I were the forces
      which shape our being then I think I would be getting angry by now, for
      they sleep in too long here. Beautiful dreamers awake unto me. For there
      is work to do, and only we can do it. When I was little I knew that
      there was some odd stuff going on. And I remember yelling inside of
      myself – give me the stuff and I will do the job :- ) Chewing off
      rather a lot wasn't it : - ))) But what the hell eh. But as they used to
      shout out from the barrows down the east end – `if you don't want
      the Wilkes don't muck em about' :- )))

      Glad you liked the music Ma'am. Play it to all those grandchildren of
      yours. Tell them about from whence they came, before the blood and life
      sucking vampires get at them.

      Dick Richardson.

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