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Reminisces of childhood and times gone by?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Reminisces of childhood and times gone by? [Re: Wood Green et al ... Keep the remiscences going. Nice idea Alan, but not so sure (snip)-London might appreciate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2012
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      Reminisces of childhood and times gone by?

      [Re: Wood Green et al

      --- In (snip)-London@... <mailto:(snip)-London@...> , ALAN JONES wrote:

      Keep the remiscences going.

      Nice idea Alan, but not so sure (snip)-London might appreciate such in
      depth personal memories!! I emailed Dick off the forum, and he has a
      very interesting website and archive. I'll let him give a contact - or
      you could email him from the Yahoo group email tag for an individual
      member. I often wonder if the attraction of reminiscences is all down to
      the progress of change for the sake of it, and the loss of many
      established 'values' such as we experience them in youth other than
      material ones. Tides come and go, but our lives are lived only within
      one tide and the foreshore seems to be forever disappearing creating a
      loss, hence the desire to recover it with like minds and experiences. On
      the face of it this may seem like an inability to adapt to change.
      Adaptation is essential for survival, yet we need not lose sight of
      valuable lessons learned from personal experience and history itself,
      for if we do that, we are truly lost. Derek ]

      The ONLY history anybody knows is their own and what they lived through.
      The rest is hearsay. No matter whether the hearsay is true or not it is
      still history, not personal life experiences. And there is no future in
      history. Personal life experience is what you learn by, and you carry
      that leaning with you for the rest of your days here. Like it or not.
      True, you can also learn by watching the actions of others and the
      effects of what they do. But to do that you have to observe it, not hear
      it or read it.

      One does not study ones past (at the time of living it and from
      reflection) in order to bring it back again, but in order not to forget
      the lessons learned and then to the take those lesson with you into
      tomorrow. Tomorrows are built on the lessons of yesterday – IF the
      lessons are learned. And you cannot do stuff here when you are gone.
      DO IT NOW. A life not studied is a life wasted. Moreover, how many
      young love romances are ruined through lack of experience and knowing
      what to do? You don't learn what to do from a book! Did fish
      learn to walk on the land from a book? But you don't get it wrong
      twice. Man can learn. And without memory and feelings here one is but a
      mechanical robot. Life is a series of changing experiences, some nice
      experiences and some not so nice. But you learn from both. Or would you
      rather be a mechanical robot? Even fish can learn, and do.

      I don't usually talk and communicate with the English or British, or
      the plethora of immigrants who come here. Other than to say hi when
      passing in the lane. And the fewer you see then the better it is. But I
      have seen them. Been there done that and worn out the T shirt. That is
      why I left the city. England did not die during the war, it died after
      it when they had no goal any more. In life here (or any other nation
      state) you have to have a goal, a dream, a desire, and heaps of passion
      for it. Ipso bloody well facto. You cannot buy that or invent it or make
      believe that it is there. Ripping down is easy, but building a better
      tomorrow is not so easy. But it can be done. One day it will be done.
      The unfolding of a deep implicate order becoming manifest in form in
      space and time. It ain't over yet. Homo Sapiens was not always homo
      sapiens. And it will not stay as homo sapiens. Keep an eye out for Homo
      Ensophicus. They learn from experiences and they carry it with them.
      And as for the British, well, what was their finest hour so far in a two
      million year history? Were you there during their finest hour or did you
      just read about it? Times change. Move with them and make a better
      tomorrow, starting today. Or are you going to wait for somebody else to
      do it for you and your kids?

      Dick Richardson. English Cockney Kelt, Socialist, Democrat, Republican
      and Revolutionary. FREEDOM !!! No, the English are dead. You know why
      they look for intelligence out there don't you – because they
      cannot find any here. But it can come back, like a Phoenix arising from
      the ashes. Do you want it back? Or is that too much trouble? What are
      you? Where do you come from? What are you doing here? Where are you
      going and why? Gnothi Seauton ! Man is a great wonder dear Asclepius
      and we are not left bereft of understanding. Seek it out. But before you
      assert what is observed find out what is observing it. You cannot learn
      what you are NOT until you know what you ARE. AS IS. Study you, and when
      done then study that which you are not. That is Pragmatism me old
      Cockney Sparrows. I came home to Albion. What are they doing? Not much
      worth writing home about! The spark of life within them is dim, and at
      low tide.

      Will the moderators let this email through on an English group? The ball
      is at your feet. And the Pen is mightier than the Barge Pole, or the

      Merlin of Exmoor.

      http://www.psychognosis.net <http://www.psychognosis.net/>



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