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  • merlinofexmoor
    Within a Zone? [ Dick relates going deeper and deeper into a place that came from his psyche. I am going to relate going deeper and deeper into a place outside
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      Within a Zone?

      [ Dick relates going deeper and deeper into a place that came from his
      psyche. I am going to relate going deeper and deeper into a place
      outside myself, the deep ocean. I make no claim they are ,at all, the
      same. I write this from point of contrast. We began as three divers and
      a tender. The expert was a salvage diver from the north sea and the Army
      recruit and I were novices off the coast of Hispanola. The topology was
      baffling as twenty feet of water dropped off at 30 degrees to over 900
      feet. After about forty feet the young girl had had enough and the
      instructor took her back to the surface. Then we started down the slope.
      Atneutral boyancy you do not feel up or down . Your body swimming
      parallel to the bottom feels horizontal. . When you can no longer see
      the surface the illusion becomes complete. At sixty feet we stopped for
      a saftey check and we both were doing fine with ample air and clear
      heads. We checked our guages and gave the ok signals. Then down, down
      again. It was a white sand surface and the light seemed to stay. I began
      to notice the pressure as my face plate was smashed against my nose. I
      also knew I was beginning to suffer nitrogen narcosis as I had mad ideas
      of pulling off my mask and mouthpiece. The feeling is much the same as
      the euphoria of nitrous oxide analgesia and can be controlled. We
      stopped two more times and by now in less light the bottom seemed
      completely flat to me. The leader decided we would go back but I must
      admit I would have had no idea which way to go. I could have just have
      well have gone down the abyismal to 900 feet. Before the ascent the
      leader pegged his depth meter and we went up with several stops. I had a
      deep tiredness at the surface and had all I could to get on the boat. I
      dropped my equiptment and ask how deep? He responded 63. I said 63 feet
      and he roared ,63 METERS. It was his secound deepest dive and certainly
      my most deep. It was going into a world of deep illogic and returning an
      enlightned participant. I`ll never forget it. Bill Grim William. ]

      Sounds like a very nice experience Grim William. But in all my existence
      and no matter where I have been, I have never yet been outside of
      myself. No matter where I went, there I was within me. However, I would
      much rather have gone deep into an ocean and swam with the fishes than
      to go high up into heaven and swim with the gods and angels. But I have
      ever done either.

      When I was in the army, to further my trade therein (recovery mechanic)
      the unit decided they wanted a deep sea diver. Don't know why
      because we never operated in deep sea work. In fact we never operated
      out of the depth where large landing craft could get to the beach to
      unload their troops and vehicles. However, I was really the only choice
      and certainly the first choice. So they sent me off to the medics for
      the first of the many tests before starting to train for it. The doctor
      had me jumping on and off a chair for half an hour, and after which he
      said that I have a natural fast pulse and would not be able to take pure
      oxygen, so they would not let me do it or even take the course. They
      also decided that the small unit did not really need one anyway. That
      was the closest I ever got to deep sea diving.

      The most hostile environment which I have ever operated in was
      electronic communication on cyber space. But that is over with now.
      Believe it or not William over the years a few people have even said
      thank you. But not many. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your days. Oh, by the
      way William the place which your refer to did not come from within my
      psyche. I had to pass through the psyche to get it. But what the hell
      eh, hardly any are even interested in such things. Thought I had best
      just mention that however for the sake of the facts of it.

      Dick Richardson.

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