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  • merlinofexmoor
    Thanks for the best wishes. The Dichotomy is not so much pacifying the family in going for these tests, I don t give a damn about that, and it makes a trip
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      Thanks for the best wishes. The Dichotomy is not so much pacifying the
      family in going for these tests, I don't give a damn about that, and
      it makes a trip out and a laugh. But the dichotomy resides in that one
      cannot do what the family wants you to do all the time. You want to make
      them happy and feel at ease all the time, but not if it means selling
      yourself down the river. But when it comes to actual treatment and which
      costs the tax payer so much of their income then it is wasted on
      somebody of my age who has lived there life and it is high time bugger
      orf out of it. Neither they or the medical teams try to get their heads
      around that. They probably can but it is not politically correct to say
      so. But when all the kids are grown up and don't need you anymore,
      and you are too fucked up to do much, then best go, and get out of the
      way. Make room for some new ones here. I hope they have as much fun and
      enjoyment as I did. It was good. Ten out of ten. But I don't want or
      need any more, thanks. I wanna GO.

      Dick Richardson.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:
      > I was happy to see Dick followed up after his medical problem. I am
      not an MD and speak as a civilian,not a professional. The treadmill test
      seems playing with fire. I elected to not take it. My cardiologist
      becomes frustrated with me as I refuse invasive tests and opt for
      conservative treatment. I understand Dicks reticance to undergo
      procedures but know that the cardiologists cover themselves by asking
      for all available information and threaten patients with dire
      consequences if they do not comply.It is hard to go against a
      professional when being wrong can cost you your life.
      > It goes to quality of life issues. Properly we still can refuse
      treatments and tests when we fear or detest them. I point to prostate
      testing which has been found to give a high percentage of false
      positives and has caused many men to undergo unnecessary surgerys and
      radiations. To cut and burn or not to cut and burn that question will
      usually be answered in the positive for those who make a living cutting
      and burning. I know they think they can prolong life and I can read
      the numbers. The question becomes do I want to give up a life of
      relative comfort for a longer life that may well be less comfortable
      and more handicapped. It becomes the most personal of matters and I
      make no opinion for anyone in such a position. I see no moral
      conundrum and think the patients wishes should be observed after all
      options have been explained. So good luck,Dick, I have been through such
      bouts of decision making and understand the stress and gravitas. Bill

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