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I disagree with you?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    I disagree with you? [ Dick, For the first time in my memory I disagree with you. I think There is no god and I AM his prophet is an appropriate title. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2012
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      I disagree with you?

      [ Dick,

      For the first time in my memory I disagree with you. I think "There
      is no god and I AM his prophet" is an appropriate title. The purpose
      of the book is to introduce the SSM Model to the general public with an
      emphasis on there being three persons in one Man. As I understand it,
      the I AM bit in the Ground of Being knows implicitly three is no god
      that is micro-managing man's life on earth. In other words, the
      destiny of the Human Race is solely dependent upon the collective
      activities of the Human Race as we now exist on earth. This is the
      primary message I want to disseminate and I am of the opinion that the
      title I proposed is a good one to do this. I hope your medical test
      went OK. ]

      Thanks. The test yesterday afternoon went much as I expected it to go.
      After various tests for about an hour, in which they could find nothing
      wrong at all, I was sent in for this tread mill test. They assumed that
      I was well fit enough to go for it. So, I got wired up like a puppet on
      dozens of strings and then told to get walking. It was equivalent to
      walking up a ten percent uphill gradient and at a very fast speed of
      walking. Much faster than I would now walk up hills. I had assumed that
      I might just about last two minutes on a treadmill, but this was worse
      than I had assumed, and I had assumed flat; not uphill. But I lasted
      just over two minutes then I had to stop for a short rest. But stopping
      once constituted the end of the test.

      I was then told to go and sit on the bed thing while still attached to
      all these wires, That was the boring bit. After sitting down for a while
      (puffing of course and out of breath) a bit of a pain in the chest came
      on. Nothing much and it only lasted for a couple of minutes –
      nothing like on that hill a couple of weeks ago. But, they were worried
      about how long it all took to calm down on this read-out sheet that they
      were doing. They wanted to keep me in hospital and to stick things up me
      today and pumping out coloured chemicals to trace where the blockages
      were in blood vessels. But I said no, I did not want it, thank you very
      much. They could not understand why. So I told them, It is not going to
      cure anything so there is no point, and after seventy years of smoking
      they are all going to be furred up by now, and I did not want a cure. A
      cure to do what? I HAVE DONE IT. They could not understand that.
      So, they told my daughter to phone 999 for an ambulance as soon as I got
      any pains in the chest. So, I will not tell her in future :- )))

      As for your title to a future book then that is fine. Go for it. It is a
      title which everyone will understand well enough, and it could be a good
      hook. All I said is that I would not use that word in a book title. I
      don't use it at all. There is no justification for doing so.

      "As I understand it, the I AM bit in the Ground of Being knows
      implicitly three is no god that is micro-managing man's life on

      When I was in the primordial ground of being I did not know that there
      was such a thing as people on an earth. I did not know that there was an
      earth or an `OUT THERE'. That is why it was a shock to come
      into the understanding `Something out there is in need'. I did
      not know anything about men, or incarnation, or worlds, or time and
      space, until I got back here again. As for any knowing of any living
      life forces which brought me into existence then no, of course there was
      not. I AM the first to be brought forth from the point of no duration
      and extension. I see no point in saying that there is no such thing as a
      Blomfiddlybug. I talk and write of what I found and lived. Not many
      people do that do they. But they have had the opportunity to talk to a
      living mystic for the last fifteen years. But now that is done too. Hope
      your books get done and do well. Something out here is still in need.
      Many things in fact. Half of them think that mystics are religionists
      and the other half think they are nut cases. But neither is the case.
      Hope your books can do something to help remedy this pathetic social
      indoctrinated farce. Oh well, time a fag and a beer.

      Dick Richardson

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