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Sensory Input v Mental Gymnastics?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Sensory Input v Mental Gymnastics? [ This business about life experience by way of sensory input and what is real and what isn t by virtue of direct experience
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2012
      Sensory Input v Mental Gymnastics?

      [ This business about life experience by way of sensory input and what
      is real and what isn't by virtue of direct experience of this or
      that phenomenon, stands in opposition to the notion that ideas about
      this and that and thinking this and that is of greater value and thus
      worthwhile in that it goes beyond mere experience due to sensory input.

      I could not detect a question there. As of sometime back now I address
      emails written to me about the things which I wrote about in the books
      and poems. I thought I had made that clear.

      I will simply comment that what you are implying there is the
      affirmation that `I think something therefore it must be true'.
      Much like `I think therefore I am'. If somebody thinks
      something or has an idea then it really is true that they thought this
      or that thought and that they really did have this or that idea. But
      thinking this or that does not make it TRUE does it. Believing in this
      and that does not make it true does it. But it sure is true that they
      believe it. Has the life which you have lived and the things which you
      have done all been unreal? Did you live it or didn't you? Is
      thinking or believing that it did not really happen going to erase it?
      Do you wish that you had not lived it? What exists for a life form in
      the human condition to experience by living through it?

      If, for example, these people who call themselves Buddhists feel
      uncomfortable with things of the world and people and they really do
      want to detach themselves from it all, then let them. It is no problem,
      to anybody else is it. Who cares. If others think that there is some
      kind of being up there who brought everything forth and calls all the
      shots and it is going to forgive all their whatever, then let them
      believe it. Who cares. I don't believe anything. Who cares. I like
      to take life as it comes and learn about what it has on offer and use

      For those who have never ever experienced an ice cream, never heard of
      ice cream, then ice cream does not exist within their life experience or
      awareness. It is off their radar screen. But others have. So, what are
      they going to think and feel or believe when they do come to hear about
      Ice Cream? They might even come across ice cream before ever hearing
      about it. And what then? Believing this or that or thinking that this
      or that exists or does not exists is a whole shebang waste of time and
      effort. EXPLOR the inner and the outer. Find out what exists for the
      human mind and consciousness to know by experiencing it, and as to what
      the human mind IS. You are one. But don't invent the answers.
      FIND THEM. People are NOT all at the same place at the same time in
      experiential terms and awareness. Each day I discover new things.
      Don't you? So, what was your question exactly? What part of the
      book is causing you some problem? Did you read it? If not then
      don't write to me. I am not interested in what you think or believe.
      But you are welcome to tell me about what you have found by living
      through it. You are also welcome to tell me all about your sensory
      input and the effects of it. But DONT tell me what you think or
      believe. Tell me what you found by living it. And also feel free to
      tell me how you feel about it all; if you want to. Many thanks.

      Dick Richardson

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