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Words Fail Experience?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Words Fail Experience? [ Many people seem to testify that words fail experience, truth and reality. If this is so then it renders speech, words, and writing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2012
      Words Fail Experience?

      [ Many people seem to testify that words fail experience, truth and
      reality. If this is so then it renders speech, words, and writing
      useless. ]

      Then why do you use them and read them? You could quit doing it. Do you
      know of a better means of conveyance? Words are good enough for the

      Moreover, useless for whom? You? Me? Everybody? Added to which you
      surely know that this is the biggest con used by self erected gurus
      – " I have learned and experienced the most important thing
      there is for humanity to know; but words cannot say it". They then
      go on to tell people what it was and what they must do :- ))))) But no
      descriptions of their experiencing it and living through it. Also,
      millions and millions of people talk and write about "The Big
      Bang". How many of them were there? How many of them lived through
      it? And if they did live through it then they must have existed before
      it to experience it happening by being there. THINK ! So, WHAT BIG
      BANG? " Godo created it all from nothing". They saw somebody
      doing this did they? There are no pathetic liars and dumb-clucks on
      this world are there :- ))))

      You wake up from the oblivion of sleep every morning and then there is
      all this stuff around you and you are there observing it and living it
      and doing things. Is all that really so hard to talk and write about?
      You don't know anybody else's life for you can only live yours.
      Isn't it easy enough to talk about it and write about it? What have
      you found and lived through, and how do you feel about it all? There is
      nothing hard about talking and writing about it. It just takes a little
      time and effort. The experiential paradigm.

      So, are all these people who are talking and writing about `The Big
      Bang' or about this or that `godo' talking about something
      they know and have lived through or are they talking about WHAT THEY
      DONT KNOW? Talk about what you KNOW and describe it! Would that be
      boring because they don't know anything? They must know something.
      It might be a lot and it might be a little. But a little is better than
      nothing. But no, we live in a time and place where so many of the
      natives talk and write about what they DONT KNOW. They talk about what
      they believe or their opinions, or what they think or their theories
      about this and that. Who gives a shit about any of that? And they talk
      about finding intelligent life OUT THERE on other worlds. Is this lot
      intelligent? What is intelligence in which case? And who says so and
      why? Where is the evidence? And how much of this intelligence stuff can
      fit into a cup? And what if you get a bigger cup?

      The Ashes never becomes a Phoenix, for it was already a Phoenix. The
      mud never becomes a conscious life form, for it was already a conscious
      life form. But does it KNOW it when told that it isn't?

      If you have managed to live here for about fifty years then you have
      lived through approximately eighteen thousand days. What were they
      like? What did you do? What did you find? What happened on those days?
      How do you feel about it? Tell us that you honest traveller through
      space and time; tell us THAT! I don't want to hear how many
      nonexistent fairies can dance on the head of a pin. Nor do I want to
      hear what you think or believe – STUFF IT for it is WORTHLESS! But
      I am interested in what you found and what you did with it and how you
      feel about it. For that is the Human situation. The rest is bullshit,
      pretence and junk trivia. Don't tell me about somebody else's
      life, tell me about yours. Nobody else has ever lived yours. ONLY YOU.
      Nobody else is going to talk and write about it for you; for that is
      IMPOSSIBLE. Only you can do it. But when many do talk the truth about
      their life experiences then correlations ARE FOUND within the human
      condition. And no sir, I am not going to write any more, for I have done
      it; after being asked to do so. YOU do it now. The remainder of the days
      are mine. And they will not number many here.

      A great wonder and mystery is life. And I am life. I am not something
      which HAS IT. I AM IT. Rise and shine lad, rise and shine. Nought
      will do it for you.

      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>


      Dick Richardson

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