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Why such vehement opposition?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Why such vehement opposition? [ Why do think there is still so much vehement opposition to natural spontaneous mystical experiences, and such that it cannot
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012
      Why such vehement opposition?

      [ Why do think there is still so much vehement opposition to natural
      spontaneous mystical experiences, and such that it cannot get a look in
      above what you call the white noise of society and therefore has to stay
      written on the subway walls? ]

      Four reasons. But only one of them is due to deliberate opposition, and
      even that is gradually getting less and less so. The other three reasons
      are due to mere ignorance and incredulity of the phenomenon. But it will
      change in time to come; slowly and bit by bit.

      But a simple yet succinct way to look at this is to ask yourself why
      when reading what I have written about mystical experiences, and in
      detail, then why do you think that others have read it all and quite a
      few of them have even copied it out and put it on their own websites and
      blogs? Why? Because they have either lived through it themselves or at
      least a good part of it, so they know it is true. They are not doing it
      because they are believing in it. I think most people by now have got
      well passed the believing in something stage just because it sounds
      different. THEY KNOW IT IS TRUE.

      It is this last reason (the not jumping on to something new when they
      hear it) which is now the MAJOR obstacle from those with no experiences
      at all of such things. Of course it sounds ODD and way out to them. IT
      IS odd and way out stuff. IPSO. It is neither science or religions
      which are now the major obstacle. But I can assure you that it is due to
      religions and all the plethora of gurus who have made these people so
      hard case cynics. And can you wonder at it? I don't blame them.

      Take for example mere psychic experiences, A few hundred years ago they
      were burned as witches. But these days psychic phenomena has become well
      known and far more `respectable'. The same will happen with
      mystical experiences in time to come. Simply because more and more of
      them are living through it. Not because they are believing in it, but
      because they KNOW IT. They are living it. This is also why there are
      more of them around now, today, than one night imagine. But they are not
      writing about it because it is still not accepted because of so much
      incredulity; and of course the common media. The mere fact that mystics
      themselves are not writing about it and talking about it is helping to
      keep it buried below the white noise of society and hence written on the
      subways walls. IT WILL change. But I don't know when.

      Moreover, it is not newsworthy stuff is it. You know well enough that
      the common media simply goes on about the woman with the biggest tits,
      the people with the most money, and those who score the most goals in a
      football match, and those who sell the most junk pop records and music.
      It is a trivial society chum. They want trivial stuff for trivial minds
      and changing fashions and political intrigue to keep the tills opening.
      They want murder and rape cases and accidents and catastrophes to liven
      the day up. It gives them something to write about and keep them in a
      job because so many kids read all this piffling crap and nothing else.
      Tits, booze, money and fame. And that is it. They are the big problems
      of today. STUPIDITY and TRIVIA. But they do not keep it hidden they
      cannot keep the phenomenon down, but they do help to make it no point in
      writing about it. So, it does not get read because nobody is witting
      about it sufficiently.

      But the people who are living it sure do read it because they KNOW that
      it is true. But I have always wished that they would write about it too.
      But writing takes time does it not, and there is no pay and no thanks
      for doing it. I just happened to be a very stubborn and determined sod.
      So, there you go. But it HAS made waves, and will continue to, for I
      know this phenomenon well and it IS coming out. And nothing is going to
      stop it. It is the unfolding of the human nature. QED ! It does not
      take one iota of believing it, no more so than your being conscious
      needs to be believed to make it be there. Things WILL change when
      humanity GROWS UP. QED. Hardship sure seems to make them grow up
      quicker; alas. As yet anyway. That is sad. There is no more I can do.
      But this phenomena is coming out and one day somewhere, sometime, it
      will become common and the norm. Got that bit into the fiction novel as
      well as the nonfiction writings. I sure have never done this to play
      games or to make a penny. Even though many fools see it to be mere game
      playing in their opinion :- )))) They have shock coming to them :- )))
      And I sure know what that is like. But the word KNOW is still a
      forbidden word.

      Dick Richardson

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