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How did ASC and PE become religious mysticism?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    How did ASC and PE become religious mysticism? [ I know that I am asking you to do some logical guesswork but how do you think that natural Altered States of
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      How did ASC and PE become religious mysticism?

      [ I know that I am asking you to do some logical guesswork but how do
      you think that natural Altered States of Consciousness; Psychic
      Experiences; and the gradual process of Sensory Enhancement, ever become
      `religious mysticism' and then taken over by priestcraft to
      become the social norm and cultural heritage, as opposed to natural
      mystical experience Dick? ]

      Actually it doesn't take much working out; and guesswork is hardly
      needed at all; for it is stark staring obvious, and also very simple
      psychology. Also it never did take over, it just became the larger
      faction because of cultural heritage and political brainwashing for
      reasons of power. The more gormless somebody is then the more easily
      they are taken over and consumed like slaves for priestcraft. But not
      all people are like that and they never were all like that – they
      use their brains and their observations. So, some very smart ones who
      were power bent have duped the very dim ones for their purpose.

      I cannot go back and walk in history and talk to folks who have gone
      from here, but you hardly need to, for it is all obvious and still going
      on today. But if you were to go back twenty or thirty thousand years ago
      you would find that virtually everything was `magic and mystery'
      to most people; even sunshine, rain, light, dark, thunder and lightning,
      etc. `God's and Demons' existed in everything.

      But with the gradual enhancement of reason, intelligence and more
      natural mystic and psychic events then gradually all the gods and demons
      were done away with. Until we get to today when there are only one or
      two left. But at least half the population have gone one or two better
      and done away with the lot of them. Moreover, natural altered states of
      consciousness and even psychic experience facilitate this process of
      dumping the dross.

      But, in this present day (still yet retarded) the new budding paradigm
      (the scientific methodology paradigm) they have done away with altered
      states of consciousness and psychic experiences because they think that
      is RELGION :- ) So, THAT is the next hurdle to overcome sir. The
      gradual coming of more and more Homo Ensophicus will remedy that farce
      too. One day (I don't know when) there will be a far greater ratio
      of non religionists to that of religionists. Say three quarters of the
      world's population. But the more that happens then the bigger and
      faster the landslide will come and the house of cards will collapse. But
      you can never ever get rid of ASC, or PE, or The Becoming Process of
      Sensory Enhancement because they are part and parcel of life and human
      beings; no more so than people will ever stop loving and breathing. So,
      it is not a mystery at all, especially to Mystics. As for the scientific
      brigade they are even becoming aware that one will never get rid of
      mystery. Some of them take it too far actually. Also, look to where
      most of the remaining religion exists – Not the brightest of places
      are they, and it still thrives in the jungle.

      But, as of yet, Mystics are still a VERY small minority and even though
      Psychic Experiences is ten or twenty times more common. For the next
      couple of hundred years at least the combination of common sense and
      Psychic Experience are a greater assist to the abolition of Religion
      than Mystical Experiences is. But the real mystics really ought to write
      more, and all of them doing it. I have been trying to encourage them too
      for fifty years now. But the paradigm is still stacked against them too
      much so they will not do it. Doing nothing is like helping the enemy of

      Dick Richardson

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