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Re: No losers post modernism

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  • William
    Message 1 of 3 , May 13, 2012
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "David White" <dr.david.e.white@...> wrote:
      > Competition with the adversary should be all out, but competition among members of the same team should be more limited. If I am a team player, I should be playing in such a way that all my teammates are winners and all members of the opposing team are losers. I see my students as all being on the same team and playing against the ignorant masses.
      >David, I like what you are saying and was always a team player. Hustle is how you make things happen for your team and so maximum energy was always a part of my game. Many , including Dick want opponents treated like friends. They may be friends off the field but on the field they are to be beaten at the game. I am happy to hear someone speak up for hard,clean competition. Now I would ask you about the situation where a group is graded on the curve . To raise your grade you have to outpreform your classmates. I found that system difficult as some tried to psych out their classmates.I would only do it if it was done to me. That you admit competition has great benefits is good. Now Dick uses a sub socratic method in which he holds court with himself. Not much competition there. He also has a gross dislike for acedemics. The post modernist deconstruction included a feminisation that discouraged competition and that has left us with little boys who are forced to act like little girls. Teaching all to compete cleanly is the real value of competition. Our dreadful political deadlock stems from the disability to admit compromise. You play the game, count up the score and move on to the next game. Refusing to play and stopping competition is the regression of post modernism and I dislike it. We need to play and be ranked fairly in order to progress. Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@> wrote:
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      > > Back in the eighties I first came upon parents who believed that their childrens games should not be scored. This was not the "not if you win or lose but how you play the game" which was the motto of the YMCA. That motto was concerned with peak preformance through top conditioning. No, the new non competition concept was a outgrowth of post modernist deconstruction. The academy sponsered this attitude and many,especially women wanted their children protected from injuries,real and imagined, physical and mental. Football was deemphasized in deference to soccer. The soccer games were not scored.
      > > I completely rejected these concepts as I was playing semi pro ice hockey and we were keeping score,often in blood. This post modernist methodology is coming full cycle as as the lessening of male oriented , competative activities hits an all time low. Fifty eight percent of collage graduates are now female. The feminasation is in full bloom and throughout business and industry . Now some women nurse their babies until over three years claiming this super bonding makes them better adjusted adults. The nanny state is trying to rule our lives and we are told it is just not necessary to keep score. Outcomes are not important and the numbers are irrelavant. Jamie Diamon admits to sloppy business practise and bad decision making in losing two Billion at JP Morgan. Yet he does not resign, he slimes on as the highest paid bank executive. Once you are in the good old post modernist club you just have to look good, preformance is secondary.
      > > Now I know this will self correct as some few are still keeping score, still training hard to be the best .postmodernism is not a coherant philosophy and stands as sets of theories arising from various academies. Those who respect the meritocracy will out preform the non score keepers and modernism will right itself. Until then I will speak for modernism and call the post modernists the losers they are. Bill
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