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Re: pundits arguments

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  • William
    ... Missprint, It should read Democrat30%, Republican 30% and Independant40%. Sorry, Bill
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10 2:32 PM
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <vize9938@...> wrote:
      > In this wildly political time the media has adopted the idea that every idea should be argued by pundits. These people are media appointed experts who have few credentials but good camera appeal. The sides dual with each other and no winner or loser is announced. There are few rules and the most aggressive gets the most time with the louder often prevailing. This adversarial method has several flaws. Much of the time the pundits just try to out scream each other. There is no clash of ideas just exercise in volumn. Even this medium does more than scream and if names are exchanged it is done and then over. Sometimes someone deserves a well chosen name. Now should I call ---- an insipid old coot I would be saying his ideas are poorly formed, that he addled by age and that he is of an inferior species. That says a lot about how I view his ideas. In the present pundit wars the antagonists just repeat their insults and it is a real bore.
      > On another score, these arranged screaming matches are set up between democrats and republicans. We all know that the real delineation is between Democrats, Independants and Republicans. The numbers are 30%, 30% ,40% and so the real majority is ignored in favor of the more combatant minorities. We get the radical fringe ideas screamed back and forth. Any rational discussion of the merits of positions and ideas is lost.
      > Now the networks know this sells but what it sells is aggression and attitude.
      > I like a one sided statement of the points of one sides arguments. Followed by a like statement of the other side and then the same treatment of the median view. Then shut up. They might even play c-span style elevator music and give the listener some time to think.
      > Since we have six months more of screaming until elections I will be turning off the tube news and listening to sat radio. Bill
      Missprint, It should read Democrat30%, Republican 30% and Independant40%. Sorry, Bill
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