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  • merlinofexmoor
    Highlights? [ Many people talk about higher states of consciousness, but I don t know what they are talking about, and you say that you don t know what they
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2012

      [ Many people talk about higher states of consciousness, but I don't
      know what they are talking about, and you say that you don't know
      what they are talking about. You also say that they don't know what
      they are talking about. I think you are right. But I do know about the
      highlights of life experience, some of those events which you say make
      life worth living. Are the mystical experiences the major highlights of
      life experience? ]

      No. But they are the major revealing experiences. The major mystical
      experiences are each a sudden and steep learning curve, and they take
      much digesting. But I have never ever taken them to be the highlights
      of life experience. Moreover, the highlights of life experience are
      common, regular and very frequent normal daily experiences; the mystical
      experiences are not. Neither would I want them to be.

      The big highlights of life, as I have in fact said before many times
      over the years, are the small common things, they happen most days.
      There is no reason why they should not happen every day; and sometimes
      even all day. One cannot list the highlights of life, for there are too
      many of them, and even to mention them would sound dead corny; and
      everybody must know them equally as well as I do. Perhaps the difference
      being is that I also see them as mystical experience, and they
      don't. I eventually came to see everything as mystical experience.
      Life and conscious existence is a wondrous mystery. It is a strange
      thing you know, but this whole process of mystical experiences during a
      lifetime can also be seen not as an addition to life, but as a taking
      away of that which is not so. A job of subtraction. Like clearing the
      fog away. The fog of ignorance and unknowing. See if you can make
      somebody smile today, for that is magic. Magic isn't what they think
      it is you know. But the biggest mystery of all you know (or maybe you
      don't know yet) is as to how anything comes to be conscious in that
      first place.

      The rest of it is about the content of conscious experience, and to
      learn and experiences that we have to do an exodus from eternity. Man
      alive, that is what unchained means. Incarnation is an unchained melody
      sir. That paradesium place is not a prison. It is the WELL OF BEING. A
      starting and ending point. But being here is more of a highlight than
      being in the Ground of Being is. The plethora of self erected gurus do
      not tell you this do they. But I do because it is so. They are not
      interested in truth. It is all around them and within them, but they
      don't see it. That is sad. But it is a transient stage. It is moving
      from ignorance into understanding. But we each have to play our part in
      that. Most of what we do is of our own choice. We learn by getting it
      right and we learn by getting it wrong. What merit is there in getting
      it right if it cannot be got wrong? Many these days say that there is
      no right and wrong. But there IS. They will see. When the fog lifts.

      All this stuff which you experience here every day will go. So make good
      use of it while it is here with you; and you with it. But remember,
      everything goes back to from whence it came. But the end is not an end,
      it is also a new beginning. It is like the midnight point on a clock.
      The day ends there. But life goes on. The new day beings at the end. Do
      not fear the going into midnight and the end. For in the end you learn
      what you are. And that is a new beginning. It never ends in time, but
      time cannot contain it. But I can and do contain both. So do you.
      Neither time or Eternity are a prison. But as for the highlights of
      daily events then they are in abundance. Live them and learn from them.
      There isn't anything which does not teach you know, and there
      isn't anything which cannot learn. But the intransigent just make it
      hard work for themselves. Like slaves to the darkness and fog of
      ignorance. Don't be a slave. But only you can make you a slave by
      wanting to be anchored and shackled there. And only you can liberate
      yourself. Nothing can do it for you. That has always been my message for
      them. But they don't hear it. But they will still learn it anyway.
      One way or another. In the meantime let it be written on the subway
      walls. For it is still written – should anyone need to read it of
      course, and to whatever degree that might help. But even if it does not
      help then the process still goes on anyway. There is no stopping it.
      Whether or not it can be helped along its way then that remains to be
      seen. I think it might.

      Dick Richardson

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