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Divergence, Evolution and 2001?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Divergence, Evolution and 2001? [ In the story written by a man from the same village as you (2001 Space Odyssey) there is a sudden jump of quite some few
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2012
      Divergence, Evolution and 2001?

      [ In the story written by a man from the same village as you (2001
      Space Odyssey) there is a sudden jump of quite some few million years,
      from an ape tossing a bone into the air to that of a well organised
      space satellite and space travel era. Did you like the book by the way?
      In your own fiction novel there is only a jump and divergence of a few
      thousand years at the most to that of a very different kind of human
      existence. What do you think about this idea of humans coming from apes?

      Life does not come from monkeys. And are not monkeys a manifestation of
      life, as are cats dogs rats and fish? What is consciously alive and
      what isn't? But the important question is as to how consciously
      aware is this or that living entity. And where does consciousness begin?
      In the Ground of Being son. Divergence and Variety is endemic in life
      isn't it. And species come and species go. But what goes on? What
      essentials do they all have in common? And of course there are those
      aspects which are latent and waiting to come out. Waiting in the wings,
      as it were.

      Did I enjoy his book? I never read it. I saw the movie when it came out
      and I found it to be one of the most boring films ever made. The
      Casablanca film was very good though. If I read a fictional book or
      watch a movie then I like a bit of realistic action and human content
      and characteristics in it. As for his `obelisk' symbolising some
      mystery then I thought it was very bad indeed. Same too with computers
      taking things into their own hands. They are just man made machines lad.
      If there was any realistic moral there then it is don't come to rely
      on this or that machine and forget how to do things yourself. Also am I
      not interested in theists and homo sexuals. As for the content of my
      own novel then I make no mention of that here; if anyone wants to find
      out then they will have to read it. Sure is a lot more fun and realistic
      than the 2001 space odyssey though :- )))

      Actually Clarkes novel was written in 1948 and was called The Sentinel.
      It was a failed short story for a BBC competition. But it was published
      in 1951 as The Sentinel of Eternity. Published in America if I remember
      rightly, but don't quote me on that. I never read them either. But
      from what I recall his 2001 Space Odyssey was written after the film was
      made. Was he not very critical of the film? But check it out for
      yourself, I am not really interested, nor in him as a man. The only
      thing that we had in common (and unbeknown to each other for we never
      met; although I knew his family) was that we both said that religion was
      a human virus for the mind. The only writer from around here who ever
      interested me was R D Blackmore.

      I do have a soft spot for the V for Vendetta movie and also for the old
      `Death Wish' lone wolf Robin Hood vigilante films. When the
      rules and the laws are an ass then you have to take things into hand for
      yourself eh. It gets things done that way. ACTION. REVOLUTION ! If a
      job needs to be done then DO IT. I like to learn from LIFE experience.
      NOT books and movies. You do realise I take it that Magna Carta was a
      pact between Kings and Barons, nothing to do with peasants and yeomen at
      all. Like religion, a human power struggle


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