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Re: WE are just animals loose on this rock?

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  • William
    Message 1 of 3 , May 7, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Susan Schnelbach <susan@...> wrote:
      > Children, play nice. No name calling.
      > I am not your child so do not call me names. Bill
      > On May 7, 2012, at 2:33 AM, merlinofexmoor wrote:
      > >
      > > WE are just animals loose on this rock?
      > >
      > > [ Like it or not we are just animals loose on this rock. Now I will go
      > > out on a limb and speak about what the European situation and where the
      > > demise of conservative Sarcozy leads us. Now Dick does not speak of such
      > > mundane matters as he only considers crap like his mystic things. It is
      > > your garbage that will be laughed at Dicky boy. In Europe, and like it
      > > or not Dicky, the youth unemployment is forcing reevaluation of the
      > > political landscape. The lies of the rich right must be exposed. Grim
      > > William, Des Moines, Iowa USA. ]
      > >
      > > YOU may well be just an animal mister, (whatever that is supposed to
      > > mean) but speak for yourself not others. You don't even know
      > > yourself so how can you know others? A mild socialist elected in
      > > France? Given that I have always been a socialist is that supposed to
      > > worry me? But as for France then you can have it. You can have the
      > > middle east too lad. Do you think I am frightened of revolution? You
      > > can't even read mister. You are the thickest clod (not up to animal
      > > standard yet) that I have ever encountered. I will be laughed at? I
      > > have been laughed at for seventy years you stupid blind sod, you think
      > > that bothers me? You go out on a limb? HUH ! But they will stop
      > > laughing one day when they learn more. As for the youth in Europe then
      > > how many of them do you know? How many of them have you raised? How
      > > many of them have you taught? Also, the youth of any nation are not
      > > smart enough to organise and run a revolution. And that is not what
      > > youth is for. Youth is for learning. I doubt that they have the guts
      > > for it either. But I do. And what I do I do alone; for none will join
      > > me. YET. Or maybe half a dozen at the most. Not enough for a
      > > revolution. YET. And if your idea of revolution is more money for the
      > > workers then it is not the same as my idea of revolution. You are a
      > > blind retarded intransigent fool. You re not even as smart as the
      > > ancient priestcraft son; or their murdering myrmidons. Stick with
      > > dentistry mister, for it is all you know. And don't talk of things
      > > that you fear to learn. You are fear ridden and corrupted by it. I have
      > > seen more dignity and courage, and intelligence, crawling out from under
      > > stones.
      > >
      > > rwr
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