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  • William
    I am not afraid of being wrong and I stand on the things I have written. Now Dick threatens me with the record of what I have written but I am a lilly
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2012
      I am not afraid of being wrong and I stand on the things I have written. Now Dick threatens me with the record of what I have written but I am a lilly compaired to the garbage he has put out. Now I will go out on a limb and speak about what the European situation and where the demise of conservative Sarcozy leads us. Now Dick does not speak of such mundane matters as he only considers crap like his mystic presence and things only he and his lofty self can understand. It is your garbage that will be laughed at Dicky boy. You can erase the crap on your own site but this committment is beyond your control. So quit the english country side travelogue and get into the real world.
      Above all a sense of fairness must prevail. The democracy in France has spoken and the austerity must be spread over all ,rich and poor. I know that this can be expressed in a simple pie graph. There is only so much pie, it is a finite amount of goods and services to be split up amoung more and more peoples. Again population is the key. Countries with fast growing populations are going to suffer badly. That is why I completely ignore the muslim world. It is exploding and will continue to be violent and of no worth until the excess people are burned away. In Europe, and like it or not Dicky, the youth unemployment is forcing reevaluation of the political landscape. The political winds will force spending and a build up of the public sector. The rich and their private fortunes will be taxed. In the US the tax cuts that Bush put in place will be torn apart and public works with jobs for the young will attempt to revitalise economies . Just allowing the rich to set upon their fortunes will not create jobs or prosperity. The future rests on the young working and spending . The rich are old and and do very little to produce or for that matter spend. They have everything they need and as a rich friend says he has no need for money. Of course he holds on to his many dollars and fights any attempt to tax it away. That is natural but must be overcome. The will of the young in the democracys will force taxation of the rich not as a monetary need but as a fairness issue as the young are put to work. Public works, not military spending must fuel this build back to prosperity. Military spending is a cul de sac that eventually causes wars and destruction . The young must build not destroy. As I funded my college education out of building the vast interstate highway system public works funded through government bonds yes printing money must let them work their way out of the problems. Now taxing the rich will provide a small part of the needed amounts but Kinsian economics will be tested and public spending of a socialist nature need be instituted. The conservatives see the writing on the wall as Europeans demand a piece of the pie. The war economies of the past ten years in the US and which have supported the big banks and the rich must be revamped into public works and jobs and middle class lives for the workers. Huge salaries for bankers and insurance scum must end or the whole enterprise will fail because of lack of fairness. The overthrow of Sarkozy is just the tip of this great change and we will know more after the US elections. Obama is an astute enough politician to see his course for reelection. He is far more socialistic than the business man Rommney. Obama is appealing to the very young he will need put to work. I have never minded work if I was justly paid for it. But for the last five years I worked just as hard but was not compensated for it. The greater part of this impacts me only marginally but the conservative minority will see huge change and may marginally revolt. The rich in the south will scream but so be it. They are old and soon will be gone. So now I see a thread of passage about Occupy Wall Street, the Greek riots, and now the rejection of Sarcozy. I think Rommney will lose and Obama will turn further left to accomodate his younger voting block. The US population is stable with some hispanic increases. The young workers ,not the old rich will be served but the wildly reproductive places will explode in violence,starvation and endless death until their numbers are reduced. This senario has to be understood and controlled or general chaos will result. The lies of the rich right must be exposed and then the world can set to work while reducing needless population growth. If the pope and the conservative lords are reduced then a true new world order can happen . It will be a controlled capitalism with electorate calling the shots on executive compensation and scientific analysis calling the shots on population growth or birth control. We know the carrying numbers for most ecosystems and like it or not we are just animals loose on this rock. In the birth control arena China is out front. Our species has no god given right to breed indiscriminitely and I hope our more socialistic leaders can understand this. Bill
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