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Re: Why grimm William?

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  • William
    Message 1 of 2 , May 5, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "merlinofexmoor" <merlinofexmoor@...> wrote:
      > A few corrections to your invented mythology given that you seem to be
      > so interested in me. I do not have any mathematical friends. I had four
      > friends and they are all long since dead. Two of them were
      > mathematicians. One a draughtsman and international chess player who
      > died of cancer when he was thirty five back in the late seventies. The
      > other was from India and he won the Nobel prize for physics. He died
      > about ten or twelve years ago at the age of about sixty two. I am very
      > fussy who I have as a friend. They have to be very nice people indeed.
      > Another friend was an optician and the other one was a lorry drivers
      > mate.
      > As for the drugs which you rant on about I have never had any drugs in
      > my life, and would not touch them with somebody else's barge pole.
      > Neither do I take pills or medicines for I have never been ill. Neither
      > have I ever had any hallucinations. So, these idiotic ideas which you
      > keep inventing are as idiotic as yourself. And your christian friend was
      > plainly right, you are the biggest sad sack misery that I have ever come
      > across. Sod living your life. As for living with you then that must be
      > purgatory and hell on earth. So, if you are so interested in me
      > (don't know why that should be) then get the facts right; you
      > idiotic buffoon. As for whether you will judge yourself when on the way
      > out then you will have to wait and see will you not. Beliefs are about
      > as much good as a hole in the head. Wait and see. But who cares. In the
      > meantime don't ever change, for you make a wonderful advert for an
      > idiotic philosophy. The fun of it is that anybody can read your buffoon
      > emails here, for it is an open list, and you cannot erase your emails
      > can you :- )))))))) Every time you write you reveal nothing about the
      > world or life, but just about you :- )))))) You don't even seem to
      > be smart enough to work that out yet :- ))))))
      > Dick Richardson.
      > Pack it you addled old fart!Bill
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