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Midwife to a New Species?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Midwife to a New Species? And was Christianity invented in Glastonbury? [ Can you explain to me why it is that HUH, the physics man, only has his and some of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4 2:33 AM
      Midwife to a New Species?

      And was Christianity invented in Glastonbury?

      [ Can you explain to me why it is that HUH, the physics man, only has
      his and some of your posts on his prespacetime group and also does a
      combination of some of your posts,


      and after he had all that big argument with you when you asked to be
      taken off his scientific godprize list? Did you ever write an article
      on this feeling of belonging to something, somewhere or somebody, if not
      could you do one, for it is one of the most important feelings of them
      all; and what do you think of this .........? ]

      You will have to ask him to account for his actions. Not me. Not
      interested. Moreover, he wanted to pick and choose from what I had said.
      Nice tune at the end of that email isn't it.

      Nor am I interested, thanks, in the hybrid amalgamation of the mythic
      Celtic Druid god Hesus and that of the Hindu god Krishna (Hesus Krishna
      – jesus christ) by Constantine the first and his cronies by way a
      vote on the invention of christanity in 325 CE to prevent the hundreds
      of religious wars due to all the multitude of over three hundred saviour
      god cults of those times and long before those times which was effecting
      the Roman Empire in dangerous ways. Beat an idea with another idea!!!
      However, I was not there in 325 CE. And no christianity was not
      invented in Glastonbury England. But he and they had to pamper to the
      Celtic and Druid belief systems; for there was so much trade with
      Britain's tin, copper and bronze; and no doubt timber too . It is
      ALL a political power struggle young man. Neither do I have any interest
      in the bloody Druids. QED. My field is science and consciousness
      studies. STUFF theology. Study yourself and what you are.

      An article on the feeling of Belonging? I don't remember if I did or
      I didn't. Maybe, maybe not. But yes it is indeed one of the most
      important and profound psychological feelings of them all. There can be
      no feeling of alienation where there is a feeling of belonging. As for
      writing an article on it now, then no. I have retired from all this. Let
      others do it. Many probably have anyway. I have wasted enough time on
      what is a lost cause as yet. They want either objective science or
      religion. I write for a future time. And who as yet has given them more
      about the mystical nature of self and consciousness than I have? A
      Nightingale Serenade eh; yes, good name for it. But they don't hear
      when they are asleep. And they choose to sleep. It is more effective
      communicating with animals. Let evolution of the unfolding keep rolling.
      It does not need me to talk of it; it copes well enough on its own. But
      go and do your own studying. You can do it. I did.

      Dick Richardson (Retired)

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