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The Dark Night of the Soul and the Mystical Reunion

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  • merlinofexmoor
    The Dark Night of the Soul and the Mystical Reunion [ I read your description of the mystical reunion. What would you say about the Dark Night of the Soul on
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2012
      The Dark Night of the Soul and the Mystical Reunion

      [ I read your description of the mystical reunion. What would you say
      about the Dark Night of the Soul on the journey to it? ]

      The unfolding of conscious life and its evolution is not a myth or a
      fairy story; you are a living part of it. You will NOT learn how to use
      a bow and arrow by watching an arrow hitting a target. You will NOT
      learn to sing by listening to a song; nor to swim by watching others do
      it. You have to do these thing for yourself. You have to walk the road
      of life, alone, by doing it, nobody can hold your hand along the way or
      steer you around corners. Write about it when you have done it. Not

      If you are interested in reading about the mystical reunion event then
      you have already read the detailed account of it. If you wish to talk
      about christianity then go talk to them. What are you interested in;
      life, and what you are made of, what you are, and finding that; or are
      you interested in religion and uniting with some fictitious being other
      than your essential self? What are you looking for? I don't do
      religion and beliefs. I would do away with them however, and given the
      chance to. They ALL get in the way of real life, as well as messing with
      it like kids in the playground of the wonderland of make believe.

      But this might set you going. What is the Soul? Does it have days and
      nights? Does the Soul go on some journey, some quest? Does it move
      about? Can it see daylight? What lays beyond the Soul? What are the
      constituent parts of yourself? Did the christian author of the poem the
      Dark Night of the Soul (see John of the cross) describe the mystical
      journey across the Styx and the annihilation which leads to the mystical
      reunion in the resurrection of conscious existence back into the Ground
      of Primordial Being? Did he describe the union and the vision and the
      knowing there? No. No. No. Mystical experience is NOT religion nor
      associated with it. So which do you want: life or received mythological
      fantasia of a lunatic pied piper? To plagiarize is one thing, but to
      destroy that which one is plagiarising is something far worse. It is

      I have done talking and writing about all this, it isn't worth the
      effort. Not yet. But you can read the book if you want to. Moreover, I
      cannot give you mystical experience let alone that reunion event. This
      is something which YOU have to do. ALONE. It cannot be done for you by
      proxy. Why not read about what happed before that mystical reunion
      event. That might help you. But I should sort out your priorities first
      if I were you. What is it you are seeking? Do you know? If you are
      seeking magical union with the imaginary deity of some religion then I
      think you will find life very frustrating. But that is your choice. I
      would recommend that you study you. I am not going to write another book
      on all this after already having done it years ago, and answered
      thousands of question about it for years. And to which they ignore
      anyway. And why read that account anyway if you are not going to read
      the rest of the book?

      This mystical reunion event (and more) is there to find for yourself,
      but you will not find it in a cave of myths, lies, corruption and
      stupidity. Do not let people mess with your mind and consciousness. Or
      more fool you. It is not going to come via a book mister. They
      don't write about the mystical reunion event because they don't
      know it. If they DID know it then they would write it for posterity.
      Truth is that they don't even know OF it yet. Read the book and at
      least you will know OF it. But that will NOT make you KNOW it. It might
      help and it might not, that depends on you and where you are AT in this
      unfolding and becoming process and how closed and narrow minded you
      might be.

      As for Dark Nights then I have known many thousands of days and nights
      over seventy four years, and every night is dark once the sun has gone
      down below the horizon, and especially where there are no street lights.
      As for sitting wailing, moaning and crying about how horrible life is
      then I have never done that. I enjoyed it all. It has been a delight;
      and a privilege TO BE.

      The bloke who wrote the 2001 space Odyssey lived in the same village as
      me. He obviously drank the red water of Somerset and got iron in his
      blood. In the recent rain for four days the river across the lane was
      running high and red, like blood. Iron.


      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

      This too is real life. Wonder if he knew this.


      But I doubt it, given his lifelong dalliance with hybrid mythological
      fairy tales, as did Thomas Aquinas and so many others of them, until
      they woke up, if ever they woke up. They still do it with the Arthurian
      myth stories from around here too don't you know. What a way to
      spend a lifetime. Riding the waves of life on an imaginary fictitious
      cloud of waffle and humbug. Sad isn't it. But they do say that it
      keeps the mob quiet and out of mischief. Best study the stuff which you
      find. But there are no quick answers that way. And no wrong ones either.

      Dick Richardson. (Retired).

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