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Re: cash and crabs.

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  • William
    ... felix, Your reststement of the biologic imperative brings back memories of my college major. It was fun watching the priests try to talk their way around
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 10, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, felix manos peregrino <felix.peregrino@...> wrote:
      > On Apr 10, 2012, at 2:19 PM, William wrote:
      > > felix, I know very little of western astrology, I know a bit more about Myan astrology and calander building. Do you support the idea that astrology was a basic observational study that preceeded modern astronomy and cosmology? This would parallel alchemy presaging chemistry. On Dec. 21 I will not be cowering in fear of a whole earth castrophey. Predicting the future works out so seldom I have long ago ceased the practise. Predicting the weather i.e. global warming has proved to be a bigger problem than first presented.
      > Presenting theories concerning future events by way of causality seems a different matter. If you can find a mechanism by which the change will comes is a situation that may lend itself to testing and expermentation. General relativity was such a theory and Eienstien was vindicated in his strange appearing theory. I doubt you can find causality for Einstiens high intelligence in his astrological chart. I have heard that his brain was larger than most human brains. That would carry more credance with me than his astrological status. I always take the empiracle truth over the evidence taken from faith in a system. What truth that may reside in ancient systems is always open to causal examination but if it is not I take it as pure speculation. Grimm
      > >
      > ***********
      > Grimm, astrology is a spiritual calling in my fairly disrespectable opinion. It's a system for thinking about things just like the scientific method is, but old, and designed to look within. It's the oldest system for generating abstract constructions that exists. It began as a vegetable oracle to know when to reap and when to sow. The first calendar app, if you will. Currently, either a body is attracted to it for reasons they may not understand or they're just piddling around using "What's your sign?" as a come on. No blame. It's all most have to justify their ex-is-tense. After all, the only point of life is procreation, and then hopefully, one dies well. Is this not true?
      > Einstein's theory of relativity was a fluke. A masterfully done fluke, but he did it to get the girls. He was just showing off. Why would he not?
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      felix, Your reststement of the biologic imperative brings back memories of my college major. It was fun watching the priests try to talk their way around evolution and "Your born, You reproduce, You Die'. really did not make much room for cannon law and catholic morals.
      I see how astrology figured in the science of crop planting and know many ancient buildings were solar calendars that announced the equanox. I hope you clarify other astrological ideas that we have lost in the transition to modern science.
      As to Albert showing off to get girls I have not heard that one. I have many times wondered what would have pushed him to imagine himself sitting on a train going the speed of light. How did a patent clerk even know what the speed of light might be? A strange man ,perhaps like Dick`s advanced human. Do you think that astrologer seeing the light come through stone hinge to be another of the heibermench class driving us forward? Grimm
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