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Isn’t there an easier way?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Isn t there an easier way? [ Isn t there an easier way of determining that life is not just a hotchpotch of irrelevant personal meaningless experiences for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2012
      Isn't there an easier way?

      [ Isn't there an easier way of determining that life is not just a
      hotchpotch of irrelevant personal meaningless experiences for a
      lifetime, and which are seen as all being relative to each observer,
      than that of having to know the mystical and transcendent state of being
      Richard? ]

      A very poignant and heartfelt question lad. Yes there is in fact. If
      everybody were to write their life story in some detail with a fine
      point brush but with wide broad strokes then there would be much in
      there which relates to virtually everybody, and they would say, "I
      know that, I have felt all that, I have lived through that, I can affirm
      that". This mere fact alone reveals to everybody that life
      experience is not just relative to each observer and that is not down to
      the phenomenon of consciousness but rather to the content of conscious
      experience – that which exists to be known and experienced.
      Consciousness is a bit like a bucket, but life experiences is the stuff
      IN the bucket. But, people do not write that book do they. Maybe the
      poets write some of it, and the musicians symbolise it in sound waves.

      They do say that four people wrote the book of hate and misery and that
      millions came to repeat it. Quite close to truth of it too, but it was
      far more than four people chum. And the opinion goes that if a billion
      people repeat the same thing a trillion times then there must be some
      truth in it. NOT SO ! Life is what you get and live through. Every life
      is unique and the sum of their experiences are theirs alone, but the
      experiences are there for all. So, consciousness IS personal, but it is
      also subject to every conscious life form; and so too is the content of
      what consciousness can take in and reveal. So it is absolutely true to
      say that conscious experience is both person and impersonal. I have
      always said that one can well live, and live well, without any mystical
      transcendent experience on the scene, but that it is far better WITH IT.
      Because of the effect of it, as well as what it all reveals and why. An
      ongoing unfolding process of Becoming more aware and of more things.

      We cannot KNOW that any other creature is conscious. You can only KNOW
      that yourself is; and rest is combination of hearsay and common sense
      deduction. We cannot experience their conscious state; nor prove that it
      exist. But, we can very soon determine that they ARE, without our
      actually KNOWING it in terms of direct experience of their
      consciousness. The question of relativity is not about LIFE, it is about
      where a person IS AT, experience wise, along that path of the unfolding
      awareness in the becoming process.

      But my book is long done and put to bed, and I am done with it. You go
      and write yours now. Others will come to do that too. And with regard to
      the natural spontaneous trip back to the ground of your being then when
      they ask you as to how you get a ticket to ride then tell them that
      existing IS the ticket to ride. But they don't have to use it. And
      if they are too full of indoctrinate junk and or their own importance
      then life AS IS has a problem of getting in. Folks cannot be dragged out
      of that dark cave, they have to make that journey themselves;
      voluntarily and – alone. So, either follow the sheep or go do your
      own leaning. Best start with learning what you are and where you came
      from and why. The rest follows a smooth enough path of unfolding.

      Dick Richardson.

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