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Life as a River?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Life as a River? [ You often use the word River in analogy to life and the `flow of consciousness , but consciousness doesn t actual flow does it? ] Somebody
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2012
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      Life as a River?

      [ You often use the word River in analogy to life and the `flow of
      consciousness', but consciousness doesn't actual flow does it? ]

      Somebody once informed me that the River Thames started at Southend. But
      of course it does not, it ends there :- ) Rivers begin (usually) from
      tiny springs on high boggy ground owing to much rainfall, many of them;
      and the plethora of streamlets turn into a river and then they
      eventually flow into the sea :- ) But they do a good job on the way.
      Rivers flow one way only. But consciousness flows two ways. There and
      back. The wind does not blow for the blowing is the wind, and the sea
      contains no water.

      Somebody once asked me as to why so many rivers in the west are called
      the River Yeo, and indeed there are quite a few of them. The reason
      being that the word Yeo was once the word for river. Or rather eo was.
      So to call one the Yeo is like saying `the River River' :- )
      Hence they were named after the largest hamlet which they ran through.
      Such as the Exeter Eo or the Taunton Eo. But now of course the name
      `River Yeo' has simply come to be its official name. There are
      so many springs, streamlets, streams, rivers in the south west that by
      far the most of them don't have a name at all. Fascinating things
      rivers are they not. There are quite a few called Avon too. When I was
      teaching folks to drive by far the most of the young women were called
      Sue :- ) But it began to roll off my tongue subconsciously and I was
      beginning to say hi Sue to the blokes as they got in the car. So that is
      when I quit it and began calling everybody petal :- ))) We have to put a
      danged name to everything don't we :- But don't let the name
      substitute for the real thing. The name is but a symbol to point with.

      As for consciousness NOT flowing as such, then maybe not, but one hell
      of a lot flows through it. But if consciousness DOES NOT flow then we
      never really come into incarnation at all and it is just a conscious
      illusion of doing so. But it does not alter what I said the other day,
      you are AT where your consciousness is residing AT, at the moment. If
      you are sitting in your garden then you are not in the fish and chip
      shop. If your consciousness is in Time then it is NOT in Eternity. And
      if you are in Eternity then your consciousness is NOT in Time. Ipso.
      Chew the bones out of it.

      Now, truly sir, do I have to flow elsewhere. West into the sunset :- )))
      Keep rolling.


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