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On Answering Questions?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    On Answering Questions? [ Okee doke … gotcha on the posters question of why do we exist here … I suppose that changes things quite a bit! LOL If I were
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2012
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      On Answering Questions?

      [ Okee doke … gotcha on the posters question of why do we exist
      "here" … I suppose that changes things quite a bit! LOL
      If I were you, I'd be tired of answering so many questions ….
      But that's just me. =)

      I know about those rule books …. I never cared for them much …
      threw them out years ago. ;-) Too many people become overly reliant on
      what others tell them is right, on what others tell them to do, and
      somewhere along the line they forget how to think for themselves ….
      They throw out their brain in exchange for someone else's. Kind of
      like that Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz…. If they only had a
      brain… LOL Just seems to be ingrained in us from birth to be
      followers. Sad when you think about it.

      Nice dream there, Dick! I'll bet your wife got a kick out that one!
      Geez, I dream so vividly, I remember most of my dreams. I think I
      might do my best thinking in my dreams …. Not all of them are fun,
      many of them seem to be about me figuring out the best way to do
      whatever project I'm in the middle of …. I'd much rather
      have those flying ones! ;-)

      As for that River Styx …. A ride on the ferry sounds more fun than
      that bright, blinding light, don't you think? *grin* Just hope the
      ferryman's in a good mood and the views are nice when it's my
      time to cross …. Sorry if my post was out of line …..

      ~Tracey ]

      No, I don't get tired of answering questions, in fact they keep you
      on your toes. But I do get tired of answering the same old questions
      time after time after time. Some people are good at asking questions and
      same ain't. But you can only answer a question if you know the
      answer to it :- )

      No, I did not tell my wife about that dream :- ) The dreams I had most
      of, and when I was young, were those flying dreams; they were great. I
      don't know how you can ask questions while asleep however. I sure
      cant. There might be a case of a conversation within the dream in which
      you ask somebody a question but that is dreamland isn't it.

      No your questions are never off topic here, in fact no good questions
      are off topic here, unless they are about GOLF or FISHING :- )) Well I
      never did cast off any rule books because I never had any dumped on to
      me. Nobody has ever told me how to live my life. And it just came
      natural anyway.

      As for the ride across the Styx then most of it was fun at the time,
      albeit so different and a bit of a shock. The bit when you kind of stop
      and hang about in the black `nothing' (what I call LIMBO)
      wasn't to great but it gave one time alone to think. The
      annihilation bit at the end of the journey could never be described as
      FUN :- ) But from hindsight it was all so illuminating, revealing, and
      worthwhile. Would not have missed it for the world mate – and during
      it of course the world ain't there anyway :- ) There it is GONE!
      And you have to keep a sense of humour after all :- )) I did. I had
      asked myself the question as to what does life have to show us and offer
      us and that was a part of it. So, there you go eh. But no I never ever
      tell people what to do or how to live their lives. That is none of my
      business. And so long as they don't mess with me then I don't
      give a fig what they do. When I was teaching folks I told them what to
      do because they were paying me for it. And if they got it wrong then I
      sure let them know it quick enough with no beating about the bush. None
      ever asked for their money back.


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