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Good Morning Dick.

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Good Morning Dick. [ Good Morning, Dick. Have you ever asked a question in ONE place or to ONE person and had it answered in another, by another? Well, this
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      Good Morning Dick.

      [ Good Morning, Dick.

      Have you ever asked a question in ONE place or to ONE person and had it
      answered in another, by another? Well, this message did just that.
      Thank you. "Home and away". I like that. ;)

      Do you know the reasons for so many of these "stupid questions"? It is
      because most of mankind has "fallen" into a state of forgetfulness.
      Excepting, of course, the mystics in the world. There are many more who
      have had a taste, a flash of insight, an experience (or many) that
      drives them to try to figure out the impossible, to ask the
      unanswerable, to try to find a cure for This damned amnesia. It's
      like trying to remember something that's on the tip of your brain but
      you can't quite capture it and it drives you nuts. I'm sure many of us
      have had that experience, perhaps seeing someone in the grocery store
      whose face you can't place, or KNOWING a certain lesson/remedy/piece of
      advice from experience that you'd like to pass along to a friend, but
      you can't quite get a handle on it. And so it is with trying to
      remember WHO WE ARE outside of what we've been conditioned to believe.
      There is a quote by Leonard Jacobson that may describe many of our
      paths, it certainly does mine: We are on a journey of becoming that
      which we already are. That is the impossible paradox of our lives. I
      think we ALL do what we can with what we've been given in this life. We
      may BE LIFE, but conditions and experiences vary. Some are born with a
      silver spoon, good health, or good circumstances, While others (I dare
      say the majority) experience just the opposite. It's no wonder so many
      miss the miracle in the hustle and bustle and struggle of just trying to
      survive, not to mention trying to make Sense of the atrocities of men.
      Ever read the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade"? It came to mind
      and certainly seems fitting. I keep thinking of the verse:

      Forward, the Light Brigrade!
      Was there a man dismay'd?
      Not tho' the soldier knew,
      Some one had blunder'd:
      Theirs is not to reason why,
      Theirs is but to do and die,
      Into the Valley of Death
      Rode the Six Hundred

      So, should we stop questioning and just "do and die"? Play our roles
      and be done with it? Some of us need to find some resolve to these
      questions. Unfortunately, some of us need to know there is more than
      THIS. A purpose, a reason for the insanity, pain and struggle of life.
      No, I think we should continue to question and wonder. And, as one of
      my old teachers once told me, there are no stupid questions, only
      stupid mistakes.

      ~Tracey ]

      Good Afternoon Tracey,

      Yes, I sure have known the experience of forgetting who somebody was
      (when I was a commercial traveller and met them outside of their
      environment. But fortunately I remembered in time :- )

      I try to answer questions (if I have an answer to one) according to the
      question ASKED. In this one the person did not ask as to why we exist
      they asked as to why do we exist HERE. I can only take that to mean here
      on this world and at this time. I have no experience of ever living on
      any other world or at any other time. So, you can only tell what you
      know. I have mentioned enough about the other place of consciously
      existing, and they can do with that what they will. But I do not see why
      they should ridicule and deny its existence if they don't even know it.
      But there you go :- ))) They are judging something which they don't
      know. Not very smart that is it. As for the bit in the middle of them
      (the transition across the Styx) then there is no way that can be called
      A PLACE of existing. You just pass through it like a corridor.

      But they have these BOOKS of RULES foisted on to them don't they. And of
      course religions books are ALL books of rules, and they invent a story
      to try and justify those rules and this or that behaviour.

      I have nothing against books of rules for they are needed in a society.
      The highway code is a good book of rules. And without them then games
      would have no accepted structure. But one can hardly equate a religious
      book of rules with that of a code for driving a car by.

      Well, I for one will never stop asking questions :- ) Given that I am in
      a position to ask any questions that is :- ) I find it impossible while
      I am asleep and consciousness if switched off :- ) Nor could I ask
      questions in that other place. Had a fantastic dream last night by the
      way; don't get many of them. I was in some place, some kind of town, and
      just around a corner I saw this young woman playing a guitar and singing
      - I think it was my wife when she as young. WOW ! But she never played
      a guitar and she can't sing :- ) But she sang in a different way if you
      know what I mean; and I was lulled by it in the moonlight. I think that
      will do :- )))

      But as for there being MORE than just this then I can assure you that
      there is. And even though I find THIS to be the best of it. More variety
      and all that.


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