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Ref your enquires

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Ref your enquires I never met him William, so I only have reams of information which I read about him (and many other people whom I read about). But the drug
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2012
      Ref your enquires

      I never met him William, so I only have reams of information which I
      read about him (and many other people whom I read about). But the drug
      he used was Laudanum, so they say; originally given to him for a bad
      toothache, but he got quite fond of it as it seemed to spark up his
      normal talent for poetry and his great interest in philosophy and
      revolution. He was actually born in South Devon, not West Somerset. He
      was well known as a revolutionary during his lifetime, and slung out of
      many places. Long story. Wordsworth on the other hand was very
      unpopular and something of a conniving cheating two faced pig shit they
      do say. But, who cares eh; and they are all long gone.

      As for Exmoor and the National Park then if you can find any living
      person who knows it better (for real not from books) then let me know
      who it is, I would like to meet them. I am still digging out history on
      it now, been doing for years now; but walking it is best.

      As for your mister Dick Chaney of whom you speak who would eat an Exmoor
      Pony then I am not interested in him. If he makes a big mark in his life
      then he will no doubt leave footprints in the sands of time. But I
      repeat again, I am not interested in American society, that is their
      business not mine. Surely they can take care of themselves, it is big
      enough and there are enough of them.

      Yes, the climate here tends to be reasonable and cool enough during the
      summer with usually far milder winters than the rest of the Island. We
      get more than our fare share of rain owning to high ground and also
      being close to the Atlantic from which comes the predominate wind from
      the South West. Bt it keeps the reservoirs filled and the place very
      green and fertile. They sometimes get two crop of stuff a year here; but
      I am not into farming myself. But the actual weather here is so
      variable that you never can tell from one minute to the next, usually.
      This has been the mildest winter I have ever known in seventy four
      years. We had about four cold days just below freezing here. The whole
      of this past week has been like mid-summer day. That is very unusual
      for this time of the year. But you can bet your bottom dollar that it
      will rain for the Easter holidays. They do say that Princetown on
      Dartmoor, where the prison is, is the wettest village in the country.
      Dartmoor is a few miles south and west of Exmoor, but it is totally
      different, they are incomparable, but I like them both. But Dartmoor is
      far more bleak of forbidding, with some very dangerous grimp-n-mire. As
      for the Exmoor Ponies then they are everybody darling. They are also
      perhaps the `prettiest' horse/pony ever, and vey old and tough
      as old boots. Perhaps a bit like the Mustang in North America, but I
      don't know much about them. Enjoyed the Hidalgo movie. It reminds me
      of Felix, our Exmoor Pony. It is certainly not encouraged to feed them
      lest it attracts them to the roads. They are very similar to the Welsh
      Mountain ponies. Although they run wild they are all owned in fact and
      they do get rounded up and sent to market. Quite a few of them were put
      up on the Quantocks some years ago and they are doing well there too.
      That is another preserved place too; and just a couple of miles away
      from here. Their numbers do have to be kept in check however, same as
      with the Dears and Stags. But that is what preserves them.

      Do people have a right to health care? No, people do not have a right
      to anything at all, except life. It is civilised nations which give them
      rights, and rightly so. But each nation will have to sort out for
      themselves as to what those right are. That is all man made stuff. If
      they don't get enough of them then the country will go to civil war.
      And rightly so. REVOLUTION ! But to have babies when they are not wanted
      is bloody diabolical. Inhuman in fact. As for your declining the chess
      challenge then so be it – quite a smart move too. I think that
      about covers your points now, so I must go. And STAY gone. Please do not
      write to me anymore. It isn't fun and it isn't interesting and I
      ain't got much time left. But it has been a wonderful life. Mystical
      experience notwithstanding; and with or without them. But even better
      WITH them.


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