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Re: The total demise of free health care?

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  • William
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "merlinofexmoor" <merlinofexmoor@...> wrote:
      > The total demise of free health care?
      > No, the total demise of free health service (although paid for by taxes
      > of course) and assuming that ever did happen here, would not affect me
      > one jot because I have a very short time here now. Another year would
      > surprise me, and I don't even want another year, but what I get is
      > what I get. But if there were a total extinction of free health care
      > here while I was still here then it would not affect me one jot because
      > I DONT WANY ANY. I never did. If I get ill and die of it then tough
      > luck. That has always been my attitude. I don't want a body that
      > cannot take care of itself and I never did. I don't worry about such
      > trivial things. And never did. Maybe I am odd in that, so what. But of
      > course I would want all my kids to get treatment, but that is not me is
      > it.
      > As for the free health service for all then it started with the
      > socialist government just after the war ended; as did cheap council
      > houses. But the conservative government under Thatcher sold them all
      > off. Everybody had to BUY AND OWN. But a socialist government only
      > lasted a few years then - whoosh it diapered into thin air. They are
      > all capitalist parties here now and have been for a long time. A pox on
      > the lot of them. I hope the system CRUMBLES and the island sinks back
      > into the sea – Capitalism is an abomination to the Dignity of Man
      > and all life. The only thing I have ever owned apart from some gizmos, a
      > few cars and some clothes and books is a wooden ten by eight garden
      > shed. Never owned a square foot of ground either. What tomorrows world
      > of people do with tomorrows world is up to them isn't it, and I will
      > not be here to know it. It could get a lot better and it could get a
      > lot worse. I am not into such predictions for I don't know. I hope
      > for their sakes that it gets better. But what is going to make it better
      > if not them? Nothing is. It is up to the vast mass of people –THEY
      > are the power – if they used it. But they are shit scared. And if
      > that is the case then they will reap what they sow by their actions or
      > the lack of them. It will not be my business and I will know damn all
      > about it. Good thing too. I have written my philosophy books, poems
      > and articles and they are on the internet FREE. You can do the same,
      > there is NOTHING stopping you. YET. Now I really do have things to do.
      > And no I am still not interest in what the USA, Mongolia, or the South
      > Sea Islands do. Or any of them. People WILL reap from what they sow by
      > what they do. Unless outside forces get involve first, and I don't
      > care about that either. Life does not depend on this little planet. Not
      > that I have found any on any others and that does not interest me
      > either. We know life exists we don't have to go and find it. But how
      > does it exist, what forms can it exist in, what kind of incarnate lives
      > do they have, what kind of conscious experience do they each have, why
      > do they do what they do? These are the questions which ALWAYS
      > interested me from a little boy in the slums. And there are answers to
      > be found. But if you don't seek them then you don't find. And
      > if you ain't interested (which is fine) then you don't seek.
      > Simple cause and effect chum. And you call it mumbo jumbo HUH ! How
      > small and narrow minded and self centred can you get ! Philosophy and
      > enquiry my arse. May all your toothaches get a good pull on them.
      > rwr
      > Merlin, You were doing quite well until the end when you lapsed into insipid railings. Try writing shorter posts and finish before your brain freezes and convulses into rantings. My BET<brain energy time> runs a different course. If I write too long I produce boring nonsequetors and often erase what does not make sense. I have been researching your region and see why you quote Colridge. I am suprised to learn you have little to do with the Roman times as only two very small Roman forts have been found. How about the Exmoor ponies, would you care for their future. Would you provide vetinary care for those glorious little creatures. I would and I have never seen them. I once owned white park ancestrial english cattle. I find it easier to rally support for animals as so many people are such selfish clods. John Prine sums it up when he says "To believe in this livin,it`s just a hard way to go" Grimm
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