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Twix Poetry and Prose?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Twix Poetry and Prose? [ What do you make of this writing poetry and prose? Do you find it easy, rewarding, worthwhile; what? ] The terms Writer and Poet are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2012
      Twix Poetry and Prose?

      [ What do you make of this writing poetry and prose? Do you find it
      easy, rewarding, worthwhile; what? ]

      The terms Writer and Poet are invariably used and reserved for people
      who write for a living, a job, a vocation. So I am not, never have been,
      and never will be a writer. Moreover, I never have and never will, want
      to be one. If I were to put some bit of script up for sale I would be
      ashamed of myself. And who the heck would want to buy it and why? But,
      in another sense anybody who puts some words onto some media is a
      writer. For that is what writing IS. So in that sense virtually
      everybody alive today is a writer. The written word has been around for
      a few years now hasn't it. Caused a hell of a lot of trouble too has
      it not :- ))) But it can also do some good.

      I remember getting books out of the library when I was a little boy
      (couldn't read until I was seven for there was nobody around to
      teach me – but I did look at pictures from the age of two) and the
      things that I was interested in was maps, the night sky, geography,
      history, psychology, arithmetic, and exploring things and places; and
      also teaching myself to play chess by way of using books. And that was
      about it. Cant remember the first thing I ever wrote; it was probably
      along the lines of the cat sat on the mat. But my impetus to want to
      learn to read, and teach myself to read, was really in order to learn
      how to play chess. I found that doing that worked and I did in fact
      learn how to do it. So, books can work – if you really get stuck
      into that thing. I then loved to read the old Greek mythology stories
      for I found them to be exciting and to make one wonder. To a little boy
      everything is a detective adventure. And they tell me that I was born
      asking "what is it", as no doubt most kids do. And while doing
      it all I used to sing to myself or whistle.

      However; if somebody comes to put something down on paper (or whatever
      format) then what are they writing about and why? Are they writing a
      story for somebody to read or are they writing about life and the world
      around them? (Fact or Fiction). Throughout my time I have known just a
      few writers and just a few poets. But these are people who sat down in
      front of a blank piece of paper whilst thinking about what to write. I
      have never done that. A few told me that they needed a few whisky's
      before they could even begin. I have never done that. Moreover I have
      never ever been interested in poetry or writing it. I was never
      interested in writing at all. I would no more want to write words down
      for a living than I would want to make and sell sausage rolls. So what
      went wrong???? Sods Law.

      When I did write things down then it was done in exactly the same way as
      I used to draw thing as a kid. I would draw what was going on around
      me. (I was good at drawing so they all told me) I would draw the street,
      the people, the houses and the factories and I drew many war pictures,
      especially of battle ships and aeroplanes and battlegrounds. It was all
      I knew from my experience of things. So too was the poems when I did
      them for myself, and so too was the prose when I was asked to have a go
      at it. I have only ever written things about the things I have found,
      known and lived. That is all. It is like a reporter. Nothing more. As
      I reached old age I did have a go at a fiction story novel, which turned
      into a trilogy. But that was done for me me me and just for a bit of
      fun. And it was fun writing it. But I don't think I would find any
      more of it to be fun. It was fun the first time.

      So, what can anybody write about? They can ONLY write about what they
      know (and either in poetry or pose) and their feelings about it all; or
      they can write a fiction story. Anything which they don't know IS a
      fiction story. But the books which I read on chess the writers DID know
      what they were talking about, and it worked, for I learned it and found
      it WAS SO.

      As for the difference in writing verse and prose then they are nothing
      alike. In writing prose one has to sit and think about it, and how to
      write it and what to say. But poetry is nothing like that – it just
      comes and almost like it demands to be written down. You don't have
      to think about it because you have already lived it and the words just
      write themselves. Thinking what to write and how to write it is not
      involved at all. It is an auto-pilot thing and it flows like a river or
      a torrent. You can never get a poem wrong. So, poetry is easy but prose
      is hard work. But either way and either one of them, what are you going
      to do with it when done – and why? You will have to ask yourself
      for the answer to that one. As for me then I was asked to write the
      prose but I sure was not asked to write the poetry. Nobody can be asked
      to write a poem, such a notion is ridiculous. Anybody who tries to sit
      and write a poem is not a poet or a writer. I have met many who tried to
      sit and write poetry. It is about as genuine as a lie in betting shop.

      Having done many different kinds of jobs I could sit and write about all
      of them. One could write about all the different places one has lived in
      and been to. But why bother? One must have a good reason for writing
      something – except poems, you don't need a reason for them.
      Hope that answers your question well enough.

      Dick Richardson

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