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Guarantees and Guarantor

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Guarantees and Guarantor [ A guarantee if I understand it correctly is a promise of something, this or that will be done. But what guarantees does life offer?
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2012
      Guarantees and Guarantor

      [ A guarantee if I understand it correctly is a promise of something,
      this or that will be done. But what guarantees does life offer? What
      guarantees would a causal process offer? What guarantees does common
      sense offer? What guarantees does this mystical life which goes beyond
      the range of the common senses offer? What guarantees does the
      scientific methodology offer? You yourself are happy to speak of the
      mystical life and process but you refuse to speak of the implications
      involved in it all. They do say that only death and taxes are
      guaranteed. The only things which guarantee things are religions and
      politicians it seems to me; and do they keep those promises? ]

      Is there anything in particular which you want a guarantee promissory
      note about? Why do you want one anyway? What hole would a guarantee
      plug? Would a promise of this or that ease your mind and make your day?
      In order that there could be a guarantee then there would have to be a
      guarantor making that promise would there not. Who or what is going to
      do that? A guarantee, promise, is an assurance isn't it, not to be
      confused with insurance and the business of insurance :- ) I guarantee
      you that both yesterday and the day before were very fine sunny days
      here. But that isn't a promise of one today is it. And is my
      assurance of a fine day here yesterday of any particular use to you? If
      you have something wrong with you does the medical profession guarantee
      you a cure; they are a bit smarter than religions and politicians are
      they not. Does a marriage of two people guarantee that all will go well?
      Does a young couple even expect such a guarantee? I don't think so.
      What can you guarantee anybody? I cannot guarantee anybody a damn
      thing. What does life guarantee? Nothing. What does mystical
      experience guarantee? Nothing. What does that transcendent timeless
      realm of the Ground of Being guarantee? Nothing. What fool makes
      guarantees of anything. You have a perfect day, a memory for the rest of
      your life, but what does that perfect day guarantee? Nothing. I can
      guarantee you that if you did not exist then you would not know anything
      – does that help? But I cannot guarantee that if you did not exist
      that you would stay non extant :- ))) Which would be the better promise
      TO BE or NOT TO BE? Why do you want a guarantee of anything?

      On the other hand one can make some minor promises can one not. I can
      assure you that if you jump into the sea your outer covering is going to
      get wet or if you put your hand in the fire it does not have good
      consequences for your hand. But I can only assure them on the ground
      that they have never not happened thus far. So, it is a probability
      factor isn't it. How nice it would be to have children and knowing
      that they would always be happy healthy and have a wonderful life here.
      It does not always happen does it. We hope that they do and we do our
      utmost to make it that way for them given the limitations of what we can
      do. There are no guarantees and there is no guarantor. Did that prevent
      it being a nice day yesterday? Did it prevent me from doing what I did
      yesterday? Did it prevent me from enjoying yesterday? No. And I
      guarantee it.

      As I have said before, mystical experiences and the insights there
      guarantee and promise nothing at all. Yes there are many implications.
      But implications are about tomorrow and the future. But tomorrow has
      not been cooked yet so I cannot know it. I will know it when it is
      today. I don't, never have, never will, never want to, live on the
      implications found in mystical experiences and transcendence. Never.
      Plus the fact that I really do like the excitement of not knowing. I
      tell you lad, try to imagine the feeling and the situation when you are
      sitting under the stairs every day and listing to those frigging bombs
      coming down. You more or less know what will happen if one hits you
      – but does this one have your name on it or not? What about the
      next one? That feeling causes a rush of something :- ))) But man is such
      that he does not sit there weeping. He will probably shut his eyes and
      grit his teeth and hope. Just as they did on the Normandy Beaches. And
      I just love that about people, it makes me proud to be one of them. How
      dull would guarantees make things here. I don't give a damn about
      not knowing what will happen tomorrow. I know what happened yesterday :-
      ) And today is the cutting edge of tomorrow. As for your religions and
      what they promise then you know what you can do with them, same as you
      can do with those who want power. Stuff them up a dark smelly place
      where the sun don't shine. And I hope by now that you have learned
      something about mystical experiences, time and eternity. You lucky

      Dick Richardson

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